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Secret deals trapping Turkey into buying Japanese nuclear technology

Buy-Japan's-nukes-2  Why would the Western authorities allow a country like Turkey to have nuclear plants?  

Because it can trap such a nation under secret deals of the colluding powers, expanding and stabilizing their profit-oriented status quo guaranteed by the magic words “national security”

Japanese Nuclear Plants For Sale

By   17 April 14 I don’t understand why people are not talking about this but here it goes.  Japan has been working hard to export nuclear plants.  That’s odd, right?  After what happened in Fukushima?  I mean who would want it?  And if you want it, would you get it from Japan?

Here is an interesting fact.  Japan has accumulated at least 4000 nuclear warheads’ worth of plutonium, and in fact, it used to export plutonium to England where it was used to make nuclear weapons (1).  And that is actually an enormous feat for a nation with a peace constitution that bans wars as a means of conflict resolution, and for a nation with multiple regulations guarding against exporting weapons, which of course stipulate anything nuclear as a big no.  What I’m trying to say is that Japan has been very very dishonest about its nuclear policies. The numbers and the facts, which have become available after the accident, state that the nuclear energy has not been as efficient as what has been claimed, while the safety measures and potential risks have not been the primary concerns.  In fact some of us now believe that the primary reason why Japan acquired nuclear energy at the first place was to acquire bomb- making capability, along with the lucrative deals guaranteed by the western nuclear authorities (2).

Last year, one of the Japanese parliament members demanded detailed info regarding the export of the nuclear plant to Vietnam.  Many of us were stunned to see the disclosed papers completely filled with black rectangles, the contents were pretty much all censored due to national-security concerns (3).

Now, why would anyone want a nuclear plant from Japan?  One of the countries that desperately wants to get it, despite the overwhelming public opposition, is Turkey.  It’s the country where the US-backed Syrian rebels manufacture sarin gas (4).  It’s the country where the leaders conspire to pull off a false-flag attack in order to attack Syria (5).  It’s the country where thousands of peaceful demonstrators are being attacked, injuring 8000 and killing 11 of them last year.  According to what has happened in Japan, it’s certainly possible to deceive a population and the international community and develop a nuclear program that allows the nation to accumulate an enormous amount of plutonium and export it to other nations.  After all, what would be harder to deceive a population that endured two nuclear attacks on its soil, the population known to have a nuclear allergy from the unfortunate history?  Japan has managed to become an invisible nuclear giant.

I think I know why Turkey would want nuclear plants from Japan.  And I don’t like that at all.  Do you?

Moreover, Japan is also sending its officials to push its nuclear plant sales to such nations as Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bahrain, Quatar, Kuwait, Ukraine (6).

And it also raises another question.  Why would the Western authorities allow a country like Turkey to have nuclear plants?  Because it can trap such a nation under secret deals of the colluding powers, expanding and stabilizing their profit-oriented status quo guaranteed by the magic words “national security”.  Considering the relentless destabilizing efforts against natural resource-rich nations or against nations defiant to neo-liberal restructuring (7)(8), considering the relentless blackmailing of elected officials (9)(10), fake terrorist-brewing sting operations (11), or global surveillance to oppress journalists and whistleblowers along with the abundance of unjust laws and lawless elected officials colluding with the corporate criminals (12)(13)(14), it is logical to conclude that joining such a gang will result in swallowing the rules of thugs.  If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.   If the trapped nation does not obey the ways of the western financial institutions, corporate standards, corporate-restructuring efforts and so on, there will be consequences.  Having nuclear plants with a shady motive would be a perfect tool of a blackmail.

And as we can see in Japan today, a catastrophic accident can trigger a further neo-colonial restructuring along with the militarization and the enactment of unjust laws to make sure that the population will be put under the rule of fear according to the Western principles.    Turkey is a earthquake-prone nation like Japan.  And we need to keep in mind that the accident doesn’t have to be triggered by a natural disaster.

It’s truly painful to say this, but Japan has lost its beautiful backbone with the nuclear disaster.   It is a result of the irresponsible pursuits of profits over humanity.  And the proof of the fact is in the dehumanizing exploitations put upon the people of Fukushima and beyond following the accident.  I do not want that to happen to another beautiful country like Turkey.

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