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Japan must learn from workers of Chernobyl nuclear cleanup

Japan Gov’t Adviser on Fukushima: We have “much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl” — Engineer: All my co-workers at Chernobyl are now dead, and I had thyroid removed due to cancer (VIDEO)

NHK Nuclear Watch, Jan. 22, 2014:

Fukushima Daiichi:Learning from Chernobyl (01/22/2014)

NHK: Decommissioning [Chernobyl] could take a century […] This edition of ‘Nuclear Watch’ is looking at how people tied to the cleanup of the Fukushima accident here in Japan are trying to learn lessons from Chernobyl […]

Professor Ryuji Okazaki, adviser to Japanese government on how to protect workers from radiation: “We really want to learn from what you’re doing here in the Ukraine.”

NHK: A government official told Okazaki, “Our practices are based on lessons from the past.” […] They periodically check for more than 200 types of illnesses including heart disease. Doctors also focus on the eyes […] they monitor balance, too. […] The situation is quite different at Fukushima Daiichi. Screening of workers is left up to the contractors […] they are not obliged to submit data to the plant’s operator or any national institution. Professor Okazaki says Japan has much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl.

Professor Okazaki: […] Ukraine provides an example we should follow.

NHK: Okazaki says Japanese leaders should introduce a centralized system to collect health data right away.
Watch the NHK broadcast here

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