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Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – the $90 billion gamble

Small-modular-reactor-dudGoing nuclear-and small-with new type of reactor, 27 Jan 14  “……….recent report by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research cast doubt on the idea that SMRs could help revive the nuclear industry.

The think tank said small reactors “still present enormous financial risks,” citing the sector’s tendency to overrun on costs. It said the four reactors under construction were in part subsidized by taxpayers. The report said the mass production of SMRs could require $90 billion, and migrating from reactors to smaller modules “is a financial risk shell game, not a reduction in risk.


January 27, 2014 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, business and costs, Reference, technology

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  1. Small reactors simply cause more distributed waste products. Its the spent fuel! No one wants it, remains toxic for hundreds of years, if not thousands. All fission reactors create atomic fission products that result in highly radioactive spent fuel, which must be managed for eons. An accident in a spent fuel pool will destroy mankind, as the smoke particulates from such burn-up goes into the jet stream, and around the world. Fission reactors split the uranium atoms into highly unstable atoms, which release the usual alpha, beta, gamma rays. Give me a reactor that does not produce radioactive spent fuel, and I’ll buy in, but that cannot be done.

    Comment by th1nk3r | January 27, 2014 | Reply

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