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The way towards Nuclear Fascism- the Price Anderson Act

Is Nuclear Experimentation Fascism?   1/22/2014 By  (about the author)

“….Today, the United States of America is fascist. So is China, Japan, Russia, France, England, Japan and every single nuclear nation.

Australia is de facto fascist, being a major extractor of uranium for the nuclear fuel chain.

The United States of America is fascist by way of one single act: The Price Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act. There are many more acts and laws that strengthen nuclear fascism in the United States, but The Price Anderson Act seals the deal. Its main purpose is to indemnify the nuclear industry against liability claims arising from nuclear incidents. And other countries have their own nuclear deals which also guarantee that those who profit from the nuclear industry are not held accountable for their work.


The Price Anderson Act illustrates the U.S.A.’s fascist trail, and that nuclear experiment cleared the way for it in the first place. The Act makes it so that nuclear power generation experiments can operate at all, otherwise no insurance corporation would insure them. The insurance companies that deal with nuclear experimentation only do so because the Act limits their responsibility in the event of an accident, such as the Fukushima meltdown. If there is an accident that costs more than the capped amount, insurance companies pay out up to and including their cap, and communities and governments foot the bill for the remaining clean up costs. Put simply”. they profit, you pay. Not to mention the non-financial costs of human and planetary health.

The Price Anderson Act endorses fascism in the United States, and in the bigger picture, nuclear experimentation guarantees fascism no matter what nation is doing the experimenting — whether Israel, China, Iran or the U.S. or Japan. The nuclear power industry could not survive without placing all the risk on the shoulders of taxpayers. And by doing so, the Price Anderson Act enables nuclear oligarchical fascists to make a fortune by endangering everyone and everything on the planet.

Even if nuclear facilities operated to their original design specifications rather than running components on extended operation (by years) and over-crammed fuel pools, as is the case today, the industry is still unworkable. But today, most if not all nuclear power generation experiments in the U.S.A. have fuel pools loaded with waste material beyond original design specifications, but the nuclear industry and its regulators seem content continuing down this path — and waiting for our grandchildren to figure out what to do with the mess they leave behind….


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  1. The Price Anderson Act has been reendorsed by Congress since it’s inception, the last time it was extended was 2005 for 20 years. it does not “endorse” fascism, it makes it possible.

    I have called my own elected officials (often) requesting they submit legislation to revoke this act entirely. It’s similar to the requests I have had to revoke the unPatriot Act. Both of these acts were created by the Industrial Military Complex, which runs the United States Government.

    When Eisenhower warned us of what was to come from a military out of control, he was actually warning us of what was already happening. The nuclear lies have persisted since its inception. The scientists commissioned to work on it begged our government not to use it or go further. In fact, they became the biggest opponents of nuclear power. Kennedy was killed only weeks after delivering a speech in which he declared he would end nuclear power in our country (coincidence?).

    When the bombed the daylights out of the Bikini Atoll, they did not test the women or children for effects, only the men…a pattern to this day.

    John Gofman (a nuclear scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project) studied to people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. He discovered the US military and the IAEA under report the negative effects of radiation by 90% and have a general rule of denying radiation causes any harm.

    They can deny all they want, the planet will still die from it.

    It is urgent to get people out of their cubicles and willing to actively engage in political discourse to stop the carnage. Everything is politics, whether we like it or not. Most people in the US do not vote and then complain the corporations run our politicians. They abdicate their duty and then complain our country is overrun with corruption. This must end now if we are to stop the nuclear genocide.

    The IAEA are genocidal maniacs who really believe they can leave our planet. It is an insanity that outshines Caligula. In fact, the IAEA make Caligula look like a toddler.

    The Price Anderson Act is not irrevocable, although it has been upheld by the Supreme Court.
    Americans need to engage and get active. I can only speak for America, since that is where I live.

    I know Sellafield has been pouring countless amounts of radiation into the Irish Sea and apparently the 90% Rule is in effect there too, as is the Nuclear Passivity that has been drummed into the public consciousness.

    Fukushima has changed all that. We must get active and stop the ecocide and genocide being conducted by the major corporations on our planet. I for one, am persistent with my plea for legislation to revoke the Price Anderson Act. (Among my other activities to stop the nuclear genocide.)

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