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Cesium and plutonium in upper atmosphere, from atomic bomb testing

Cesium-137Nuclear weapon test debris ‘persists’ in atmosphere By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World Service, 7 Jan 14, Radioactive particles from nuclear tests that took place decades ago persist in the upper atmosphere, a study suggests.

PuPreviously, scientists believed that nuclear debris found high above the Earth would now be negligible.

However this research shows that plutonium and caesium isotopes are still present at surprisingly high concentrations…The work is published in the journal Nature Communications……..


January 8, 2014 - Posted by | environment


  1. Isn’t it interesting (and timely), that NOW the Media is dredging up a very old issue of atmospheric testing, and illegal sea dumping on the West Coast of the US?

    Sure, these things happened, but mainstream reporting right now on the verge of the Sea-plume (and other unreported incidence)?

    They truly believe we are not blessed with a capacity to think? Guess so.

    Comment by citizenperth | January 8, 2014 | Reply

  2. […] were dozens of V2s at Peenemunde. The U.S. collected many of them. They became our first upper atmosphere research […]

    Pingback by The History and Design of Modern Rockets | Israel Foreign Affairs | March 18, 2014 | Reply

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