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USA’s $355 billion nuclear weapons plan, to intimidate other nations

US nuclear expansion aims to bully states: Analyst A  Press TV reports. 23 Dec 13 “The United States uses nuclear technology and nuclear weapons in order to bully other countries,” said Brian Becker in an interview with Press TV.

“The new expansion by the United States, the upgrade, the new generation of nuclear weapons is an expansion and it is a clear violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which states clearly that there is an affirmative obligation by all of the nuclear powers to begin the process of nuclear disarmament so that the other countries could be dissuaded from getting nuclear technologies themselves,” the commentator added.

Obama s plan for US nuclear weapons will cost $355bn over next decade

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said on Friday that President Obama’s plans for the US nuclear weapons complex will cost the country about $355 billion over the next decade. The CBO said the plans included the modernization of nuclear weapons, their delivery systems, and nuclear weapons production laboratories.

According to the report, the cost is nearly $150 billion more than the Obama administration’s $208.5 billion estimate last year.

The commentator lashed out at the US and Britain for announcing the major refurbishment of their nuclear weapons programs instead of acting in accordance with NPT regulations.

He said the US and Britain warn the Iranian government that the mere possession of nuclear plants, even those for civilian energy purposes, constitutes an existential threat to humanity…..

The analyst pointed to a US Senate vote to authorize the creation of two new huge secret underground plutonium production labs and said, ”Nobody can say that the United States is moving towards nuclear disarmament.”

“The United States is moving nuclear weapons into outer space that is one of the big projects. They see nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons possession as a form of creating dominance. It is not keeping the world safe,” Becker said.

He emphasized that the US possesses 5,000 nuclear weapons and is building a new generation of nuclear arsenals “for dominance” and said, “That is not a defensive operation. It is an offensive operation.”


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