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Nuclear power and Civil Liberties – theme for January 2014

Japan leads the way, with its new State Secrets Law enacted to punish whistleblowers. politicians leaking secrets. anyone publishing information designated as “secret”.  It allows the government to cover up issues such as corruption in the nuclear industry. It punishes journalists who speak out, and effectively censors nuclear news in the media

It is well known that the USA encouraged Japan to adopt this law. As the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe becomes ever more of a global problem, the nuclear industry (?too big to fail) and its servant governments increase in suppression of civil liberties


With uranium mining, nuclear power, nuclear wastes, and nuclear weapons,  –  civil liberties are increasingly eroded.  They must be, even when all seems to be going smoothly. Nuclear reprocessing, with plutonium as fuel, would necessitate taking away even more civil liberties.

A police state would develop, even with “peaceful” nuclear reprocessing.  But imagine how fast we would lose civil liberties, in the event of yet another nuclear mishap – theft of plutonium, terrorist strike, accident. For a start, the public would not even be informed, (for fear of public panic). Very quickly, that police state would be turned into a martial law state.


December 17, 2013 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Is nuclear-news really considering adding pro-nuclear content to its website?

    Isn’t every single mainstream media site already pro-nuclear?

    Isn’t every single book publishing company already pro-nuclear?

    Isn’t every single radio program already pro-nuclear?

    I check nuclear-news for nuclear-truth, not pro-nuclear spin (which all pro-nuclear articles are).

    If nuclear-news isn’t getting enough readership, then promote it better. Link to it and mention it everywhere and anywhere.

    Comment by Guest | January 12, 2014 | Reply

    • Thank you indeed for this comment. My sentiments exactly.
      However some people have other points of view – e.g. that by allowing both, some pro nukers might be won over to considering other aspects of nuclear issues. Or that by this means we could answer and contradict the pro nuke arguments (or that pigs might fly.)

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 12, 2014 | Reply

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