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UK government turning its back on renewable energy industries

flag-UKDavid Cameron’s attack on green policies threatens £12bn renewable sector, say Greenpeace,  Express, By: Owen Bennett – Political Reporter  November 21, 2013  DAVID CAMERON has been accused of risking jobs and investment in the renewable energy sector after reports claimed he had told aides to “get rid of all this green c**p”. It was claimed the Prime Minister was making a major U-turn on environmental issues, and ordering aides to strip out green levies which push up energy bills.

Prior to the 2010 election, Mr Cameron had urged Britain to “vote blue, go green” as he promised to lead the “greenest government ever.”
Downing Street deny the Prime Minister is turning his back on environmentalism, but Greenpeace said the comments show Mr Cameron is trying to claw back support with green sceptics in his party.
Greenpeace’s deputy political director Joss Garman said: “If David Cameron thinks the road to electoral victory will be found in attacking the very policies that he once passionately advocated then he is sorely mistaken.
“The British electorate are a sophisticated bunch who will see through his chameleon tendencies and conclude this attack is not an act of leadership but one of cowardice as he panders to the extreme wing of his own party and tries to claw back support from Ukip.

“The real crime is that every time David Cameron reaches for the dog whistle playbook he undermines thousands of jobs in the green energy sector and threatens future investment. Now that really is crap.” 

Research published in 2012 by the Renewable Energy Association claimed the renewableindustry was worth £12.5billion to the UK’s economy, and supported 110,000 jobs.

The Prime Minister was accused of riding back from his green commitments when he announced last month he wanted to “roll back” green levies which add an average £112 a year to households’ energy bills.

The levies also fund renewable power subsidies and programmes to insulate homes……..Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said the “c**p” label more accurately described the Prime Minister’s attitude to environmentalism than the policies themselves.

She said: “It’s very sad that we have a Prime Minister who doesn’t want to insulate the homes of poor pensioners and give them efficient boilers, and help those who can’t afford to pay bills driven upwards primarily by our costly gas.”

She added: “Unfortunately that also reflects the quality of our energy policy. It’s been left to charities and campaigners to offer alternatives, such as the Energy Bill Revolution – which would take the money from carbon taxes and use it to super-insulate our homes, cutting bills, creating jobs and cutting carbon emissions.”

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