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Peace on a Nuclear Free Earth – theme for December 2013

Peace on Earth to people of good will

But what is good will? How is it shown?   The answer is in respect for one another.  Respect means listening to the other’s point of view, and clearly saying your own point of view. It means discussion, argument – communication.

It can be difficult and time consuming.  It often seems easier to just hit someone, show them who’s boss, as we have seen in countless Hollywood films – where might is right.

Communication is the alternative to war  – and people use communication to get along, and resolve differences – at home, in the community, the region – and nationally and internationally.

The world is pretty much at the crossroads now.  Some Israeli and USA politicians threaten military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran threatens retaliation. North Korea continues to be  a nuclear weapons worry and China, India, USA, Russia, UK ramp up their nuclear weapons. Threats,  decisions for violent action – it all seems simpler quicker, easier –  easier than communication, negotiation, diplomacy.


November 16, 2013 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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  1. Hello!

    The Petition for the ballot initiative to close California’s 2 nuclear power plants is now available!

    Please note that the petition is not signed on-line.

    Here is a Link to the petition and full instructions:

    You have to be a California registered voter to collect signatures and to sign the petition.

    Please help if you can. Each signature on the petition is one step closer to getting rid of dangerous nuclear power.

    Californians — you can do this!

    Thank you.

    Comment by Guest | December 8, 2011 | Reply

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