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Clean -up programme at crippled Fukushma nuclear plant is really in a mess

TV: Fukushima workers “fear for their own safety” — “The truth is astonishing… I don’t dare wash my hands, even after using toilet” (VIDEO)

NTD Television, Nov. 13, 2013: According to reports by one of the major newspapers in Japan, Mainichi Shimbun, the decontamination workers used to throw the contaminated waste or water into nearby rivers. Mr. O also confirms that improper disposal of contaminated waste is seen every day at the site.

CCTV News, Nov. 14, 2013:

Exclusive: workers say decontamination work in Fukushima ineffective

CCTV correspondent Matt Stuttard: Two of the decontamination workers at Fukushima, they’ve taken a big risk, being interviewed about their daily work. They say workers received no detailed training before starting the job and no advice. […] the workers say they were given no information on how the handle the material. […]

Worker: Sometimes we don’t have enough plastic bags. So we find a place and dig a pit, and throw all the polluted soil into it […]

CCTV: The workers say they fear for their own safety, and that of the whole team.

Worker: I used to have no idea if the water we use to wash our hands was polluted. I used to wash my hands before eating. I’m now wondering how much radioactive substances have gone into my body. Now I know the truth, I don’t dare to wash my hands, even after using the toilet. The truth is astonishin

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