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Yassa Arafat murdered by radioactive polonium

Yasser Arafat: The Dark History of Polonium By Marc Lallanilla, Assistant Editor   |   October 15, 2013 Little did scientists Marie and Pierre Curie suspect, when they discovered polonium in 1898, that the radioactive element would go on to have one of the darkest and most intriguing histories of any known substance.

In 2004, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died of uncertain causes in Percy Hospital in Paris. He complained of nausea and stomach pain, suffered liver and kidney failure, and eventually lapsed into a coma before dying. In 2012, Arafat’s remains were exhumed because of persistent rumors that he was the victim of an assassination that used poloniumas a deadly weapon.

A report published last week in the medical journal The Lancet confirmed that traces of polonium were found on Arafat’s toothbrush, underwear and other personal items, fueling reports that he was assassinated. And Arafat isn’t the first person who’s believed to have been murdered by polonium.


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