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Denial of science, economics, history – Pandora’s Nuclear Propaganda – October 2013

Book-PandoraReportCoverAs stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to spew radioactive water, and teeters still on the brink of a new catastrophe –   the nuclear lobby comes up with a new campaign.  It is spearheaded by this propaganda film – “Pandora’s Promise”.

This is a good occasion for the usual suspects –  pretend environmentalists, vested nuclear interests (Bill Gates, Paul Allen), mainstream cinema reviewers , to praise this nuclear advertising “documentary”.

This film’s lies go beyond its deceptions about ionising radiation, and about safety, and about nuclear waste disposal.

The main selling point – “nuclear power as cure for global warming”  is absurd, as the world would need 11,000 nuclear power plants quickly set up, to have any impact on global warming – and that would in fact take decades to set up.

Other lies – the denial of nuclear power’s costs, and of the costs of nuclear waste disposal, and of the costs of security. Also denial of the complete impracticality and cost of setting up thousands of mini nuclear reactors.’s%20False%20Promises.pdf


October 4, 2013 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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  1. Wow! I envision them doing for nukular power (yes i spelled it that way on purpose)
    what they did for Windows.

    I’m thinking “NPP Vista” or “NPP 8”!

    It’s Pandora’s BOX! It promises DEATH, you genetic malefactors!

    So, undersea vulcanism has no influence on climate?
    Solar cycles certainly do seem to, despite their gesticulated responses otherwise.
    I have a gesticulation of my own for them.
    It involves extending my middle finger in the air, aimed their way!


    Thank you for another excellent article, Miss, Mrs. or Ms. MacPherson.

    Comment by Dud | October 24, 2013 | Reply

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