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Fukushima: entire core of nuclear reactor 4 remains perched in a damaged fuel pool 100 feet in the air,

Five Ways a Wider Syrian War Could Go Nuclear Truth Dig, By Harvey Wasserman, 13 Sept 13, 

“……….Millions of tons of heavily contaminated water continuously flow through the site in central Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. Millions more accumulate in flimsy tanks already breaking apart, all within the specter of the next earthquake.

The three melted cores at Fukushima Daiichi have yet to be found. The common radioactive waste pool near Unit Four is surrounded by buildings whose foundations are being undermined by the continuous flow of radioactive water.

Most terrifying, the entire core of Unit Four remains perched in a damaged fuel pool 100 feet in the air, atop a structure that’s sinking. Should it crash to the ground, that core could potentially spew into the ocean and atmosphere more than 20,000 times the radiation released at Hiroshima.

A sane species would be pouring all its resources into somehow healing the open apocalyptic wound that still festers at Fukushima.

Yet we are tied up in Syria. We can be deeply grateful that the situation there today seems at least slightly less dangerous than it did yesterday.

But atomic danger lurks without warning in every facet of this crisis.

Harvey Wasserman edits He is the author of “Solartopia! Our Green-Powered Earth” and hosts the “Green Power & Wellness” radio show.

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  1. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse have come over the islands of the rising sun
    to sound the bell for the last round. Get braced for doomsday poor Japanese wretches
    and prepare potter’s field for all the nuclear- drugged casualties.
    This brave nation was put on the sacrificial altar by greed of old men with gray temples
    from the inexorable energy business accompanied by a government wich has lost the view on
    what is the best for its citizens.
    The ongoing smoke and mirror game of the people in charge steals the time of the Japanese
    to reach a safe haven. I’m sad and really furious.
    God bless the people of Japan.

    Comment by h:bAUER | September 14, 2013 | Reply

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