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Mysterious white spots on Fukushima cows – ignored by government

TV: Mystery spots on Fukushima cows ignored by gov’t — Veterinarian: It’s extremely important, Japan has to think of what to do with this problem (VIDEO)
Title: “White spots” on Fukushima cattle ignored by Japanese officials
Source: Channel NewsAsia
Reporter: Makiko Segawa
Date: Aug. 29, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip Channel News Asia: […] radiation exposure can cause DNA and immunological changes in living organisms. […]  Farmer Masami Yoshizawa kept his cattle alive to monitor changes due to prolonged radiation exposure. Now, mysterious white spots on the fur and skin are appearing on ten […] so far, nothing has been said about the issue.


SOURCE: Farm Sanctuary

Makiko Segawa, Reporter: When you visited in December 2012 do you remember? Did youu see these white spotted cows?

Kazuo Suzuki, Ministry of Agriculture official: No, I do not remember them […]

Segawa: Could you please test these cows next time you visit?

Suzuki: As I explained before it’s not my duty. They should go to the nearby Livestock Hygiene Service. […]

Channel News Asia: Local farmers disagree, saying they were told by the Fukushima prefectural officials that all such investigations do actually fall under the Ministry of Agriculture’s authority […] Beef from Fukushima [Prefecture] was still the 5th most traded and shipped [in 2012] at Japan’s biggest beef market in Tokyo. […]

Toshimitsu Matsubara, veterinarian and president of the BBB Beef Association: “What is happening [to these cows] now is extremely important. Japan has to think of what to do with this problem.” […]
More photos of Yoshizawa’s affected cattle
Watch the Channel News Asia broadcast

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