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Nuclear news for the past week

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Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Fukushima again dominates the news – reactor foundations possibly unstable , just as much water pouring out as going in to cool reactors. Russia again offering help, (a good idea- they have the best knowledge). Lawmakers call for a state of emergency in Japan – but Prime minister Abe is away in Middle East, marketing japan’s nuclear technology.   Fukushima’s fishing industry shut down indefinitely.

Syria and the world. The situation has the potential to bring about a nuclear war between USA and Russia.

USA.  Women and discrimination. Now this one really surprised me. It sounds as if some women are complaining of discrimination, because NASA makes stricter rules for female astronauts because they have a greater risk of getting cancer from space radiation, than men do !

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to shut down, for financial reasons. Rumours that Indian Point nuclear plant could be the next to fall. Plan for nuclear waste to Mississippi meeting with strong objections, especially as there’s  a rumour they might import nuclear wastes from France.  Concerns about radioactivity in fish at the top of the Pacific food chain on USA West Coast – need to test tuna, salmon and herring.

France: nuclear regulator demands huge expenditure to improve safety of nuclear plants

India: A new book “The Power of Promise” gives  a devastating account of the corruption in India’s nuclear industry.

Taiwan sends back radioactive containers to Japan.

Fracking. New concerns here, as new “improved’  methods involve the use of depleted uranium in the drilling process.

Kazakhstan’s water imperilled by in situ leaching of uranium

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