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Foundations of Fukushima’s nuclear reactors now becoming unstable?

Fukushima-wate-rtank-leakinWarning that foundations of Fukushima reactor chambers have been “compromised” — Groundwater rising fast, now just 10 inches from surfac

Title: Japanese government to take over Fukushima nuclear reactor
Source: The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Author: Julian Ryall, Tokyo
Date: Aug. 26, 2013
Speaking after being shown around the site, [Toshimitsu Motegi, the minister of trade and industry] said, “The urgency of the situation is very high. From here on, the government will take charge.” […]

As well as leaks of water contaminated with radiation, work to bring the damaged reactors under control has been making painfully slow progress. Radiation levels in three of the reactor buildings are so high that it is impossible for workers to spend more than a couple of minutes inside at one time.

The true state of the reactor chambers remains unclear and there are suggestions that the tons of water that are being sprayed on the reactor vessels to keep them at a stable temperature has compromised the foundations of the structures.
Experts have also warned that the effort to gain control of the reactors – which is likely to take an estimated three decades – could be for naught if another major earthquake or tsunami strikes north-east Japan. […]

See also: Expert: Land under Fukushima reactor buildings at risk of turning into liquid — Area near sea could become like mud
Tepco Handouts (Fukushima Diary: “Groundwater level at one of the borings has been jumping up since 8/20/2013 for some reason. There was no rainfall in this term according to Tepco. […] This time, the groundwater level came up to 25cm to the surface of the ground.)  Most Recent English Version (Aug. 22, 2013)


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