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Huge radiation: Estimated 276 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 entered Fukushima basements

Water with nuclear fuel coming up from ocean floor off Fukushima coast? Tokyo Professor: 156 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 once in basements — Double Chernobyl; Getting close to total fallout from every atomic bomb test in history — May be outputting from seeps in seafloor, I don’t know (VIDEO)

Title: Long-term Sources: To what extent are marine sediments, coastal groundwater, and rivers a source of ongoing contamination?
Source: Science Symposium at University of Tokyo
Date: Nov. 13, 2012

Professor Jota Kanda, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology:

Jota Kanda Highlight – Science Symposium at University of Tokyo

In the basement of the reactor housings […] they used to have 156 petabecquerels of Cs-137 […]

156 is a huge amount. Double the amount released from Chernobyl, even getting close to the value released from global fallout from bomb testing. […

The volume remains about the same, presumably because of the inflow of groundwater into the basement.

If there is inputting of groundwater, there might be outputting of groundwater, I don’t know.

The possible groundwater seepage from near by seafloor — that’s something I think. However we have no data indicative of this seep from the seafloor.

Watch Kanda’s presentation here

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