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Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo opposes nuclear waste dump for Mississippi

Oscar-wastesMiss. nuclear waste plan sparks early opposition  BY JEFF AMY ASSOCIATED PRESS JACKSON, Miss. –– The Mississippi Energy Institute is pushing for more exploration of storing and reprocessing used nuclear fuel in Mississippi at the same time that one of the state’s congressmen is coming out against it.

Leaders of the institute, which promotes energy development, pitched ideas Monday to the state Senate Economic Development Committee. Jason Dean, who works for a unit of the Butler Snow law firm, says Mississippi should explore interim storage and reprocessing of fuel rods.

The Energy Institute also touts Mississippi’s “unique geologic salt domes.” That’s an echo of a proposal to entomb nuclear waste in the Richton salt dome that sparked public opposition starting in the 1980s.

Congressman Steven Palazzo, a Biloxi Republican who represents Richton, is voicing opposition. “Not now, not ever,” Palazzo says in a Monday statement.


August 27, 2013 - Posted by | politics, USA, wastes

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  1. Mississippi has a very low population and the only nuclear power plants which it has are on the Louisiana side and probably don’t even serve it. I find your comment-picture on this very rude and insensitive. I don’t know what you mean exactly. The Democrats are also pro-nuclear. Look at Obama’s new energy secretary who from Fukushima said that nuclear was going to be part of the “mix”. Mississippi is one of the greenest and environmentally most pristine states. It has had oil production but little or no mining at all. It has rare remaining world forest. It is one of the rainiest and greenest places on earth, resembling pictures we see of the Amazon rainforest. Salt dome plus rain doesn’t mix is a no-brainer. A pre-school kid knows this. Nuclear waste and rain doesn’t mix is a no-brainer. Metal canisters, salt, and Nuclear waste dump and rain doesn’t mix is a no-brainer. Unlike the UK they haven’t been idiotic enough to approve new build in Mississippi to my knowledge since the 1970s. Later proposals were canceled. MISSISSIPPI IS NOT A DESERT LIKE MUCH OF AUSTRALIA AND THE WESTERN US from whence you probably come. Mississippi has the highest black population in the USA and they are 99.999% Democratic. There are also many white Democrats so it may well be predominantly Democratic. I have been told that it is due to gerrymandering that the votes always come up Republican. There has not been a “new build” for nuclear in Mississippi since the 1970s and those power plants are in the poorest and most black area of Mississippi. They are also on the opposite side of the state. Mississippi has NO major cities, is very poor, and has very few people so they are not using much energy either. Bravo if a Republican wants to stand up for his people! This idea of making Mississippi a dump is racist, anti-tree and anti-poor people. That particular area is also noted for A plus air and water quality. Mississippi DID have a nuclear test done there but I they lied to the people about the repercussions and I am sure that they didn’t have a choice in the matter. These people pick on the poor and low educational people. Perhaps if you would visit Mississippi you wouldn’t be so nasty.
    The people using the most energy are in urban areas. Mississippi has NO truly urban areas. Its only cities are in neighboring states. Those that are being picked as waste dumps are poor, rural areas with no voice. Perhaps there was something in the Miami Herald article which explains your nastiness but it is no longer available. The fact that you almost never bother to add pictures to your post makes it more insulting still.

    Comment by miningawareness | November 11, 2013 | Reply

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