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The most absurd of Japan’s pro nuclear ppropaganda

Watch the Japanese propaganda video that promises radiation won’t harm you if you just “laugh”  It is a video of Dr. Shunichi Yamashita — now known as “Dr. Brainwasher” — giving a propaganda lecture on March 21, 2011 in Fukushima City.

Watch Dr. Brainwasher utter some of these outrageous lies in the following video:

Unbelievable Comment by Mr. Yamashita

This blogspot website has located and translated several key brainwashing phrases uttered by Dr. Yamashita as part of the Japanese government’s propaganda campaign. The following statements span several online videos featuring “Dr. Brainwasher.” Each of these statements is a total propaganda fabrication. The comments in ALL CAPS are my own:

• “To tell you the truth, radiation doesn’t affect people who are smiling. Only those who are worried. This has clearly been demonstrated by animal studies.” (HUH? WHAH?)

• “Drinking may be bad for your health, but happy drinkers are less affected by radiation.” (NO WAY! GRAB ME A COLD ONE, WILL YA?)

• “Laughter will remove your radiation phobia.” (COOL, ‘CUZ I’M LAUGHING ALREADY!)

• “If you laugh, radiation won’t get you.” (NOW I CAN SAFELY WORK AT A MAMMOGRAPHY CLINIC!)

• “Internal exposure has 10 times less health risk than external exposure.” (SO IF I EAT URANIUM, IT’S SAFER THAN USING IT AS A SKIN WHITENING CREAM?)

• “No effect on health below 100 millisieverts radiation exposure.” (UNLESS YOU ARE A MAMMAL)

• “Children can play outdoors.” (AS LONG AS YOU DON’T MIND THEM DYING)

• “Adults over 20 years have very little sensitivity to radiation. Almost zero.” (UNLESS THEY HAPPEN TO STILL BE ALIVE…)

• “Men don’t have to worry [about radiation]. All we need to do is protect women, children, infants…” (BECAUSE MEN CAN JUST DRINK BEER AND LAUGH A LOT TO HAVE FULL PROTECTION)

• “Not a problem if you continue to live here. Just wash your vegetables, that’s all.” (YEAH, BECAUSE RADIATION IS WATER SOLUBLE, DIDN’T YA KNOW?)

• “If the radiation level is below 10 microsieverts/hour, it’s safe for children.” (AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIEN CHILDREN FROM OUTER SPACE)

• “I can tell you this, the health effects [of Fukushima radiation exposure] are minimal.” (TO COCKROACHES)

• “We don’t have to worry about the health effects of ordinary people.” (BECAUSE WE DON’T REALLY CARE IF ORDINARY PEOPLE DIE ANYWAY)

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