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Crumbling nuclear industry clutches at straw of Nuclear Fusion

Britain’s leading nuclear scientist has said research into nuclear fusion is something all nations of the world should be putting money into…… Critics say it is another example of how fusion is always only “20 years away” and that in reality it will never be realised. RTE News World, 12 August 13 
  Another decade of what may turn out to be false hope is just not on
Fusion sounds great but building nuclear plants at the rate they are needed will produce a great deal of CO2 and coming when fracking is reaching maximum production that will make matters much worse. Making households independent energy producers with battery powered domestic appliances, recharged with pedal power perhaps, would be a giant step in that direction, job creating and exercise inducing too, that’s if the power companies don’t have the politicians too tight over a barrel of course. MichaelMcPhillip  The Irish Times, 12 Aug 13 

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  1. Deuterium-Deuterium (D-D) Fusion uses a totally non-radioactive fuel (deuterium), and the only waste produced from the D-D fusion reaction (helium) is also totally non-radioactive (and immediately useful to fill Blimps and to operate medical scanners).

    The energy potential of D-D fusion is very large as a result of all of the deuterium that exists in the world’s oceans. The Deuterium available in the seas would produce an estimated 8.33 billion years of energy presuming continuous energy production at a 60 TW level as a planet (which is 4X current planet wide energy usage) assuming D-D fusion is the only energy source and is relied on to provide all of the energy used for a planet of 10 billion people)
    Energy Longer than the earth has existed or the Sun will burn –

    The prevailing joke about fusion (Fusion is the energy of the future and is always only 50 years away) is also not true. There is a form of Inertial Confinement Fusion that has worked reliably producing large commercially significant amounts of fusion energy since 1952 and today (not 50 years from now) produces net energy to warm homes and light factories.

    Comment by Robert Steinhaus | August 14, 2013 | Reply

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