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Pentagon prepares AirSea Battle (ASB) for nuclear attack on China

The general public is evidently being kept in the dark by the mainstream media that a nuclear first strike against China is being contemplated by rogue elements within the Pentagon.

America Plans Unprovoked Nuclear Attack on Chinaedited and abridged from various sources Darkmoon, by Lasha Darkmoon,  August 3, 2013 by Montecristo If America launches a nuclear attack on China, the Chinese will strike back at American cities.

This is an edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon of Professor Amitai Etzioni’s ground-breaking article in the Yale Journal of International affairsWho Authorized Preparations for War with China? It is followed by extracts from Paul Craig Roberts’ impassioned response to the same article. This important material has been condensed to roughly one-fifth of its original length.

AMITAI ETZIONI:   The Pentagon has concluded that the time has come to prepare for war with China. It is a momentous conclusion, a momentous decision that so far has failed to receive a thorough review from elected officials, namely the White House and Congress. This important change in the United States’ posture toward China has largely been driven by the Pentagon.


The decision at hand stands out even more prominently because (a) the change in military posture may well lead to an arms race with China, which could culminate in a nuclear war; and (b) the economic condition of the United States requires a reduction in military spending, not a new arms race.

Have the White House and Congress properly reviewed the Pentagon’s approach—and found its threat assessment of China convincing? If not, what are the United States’ overarching short- and long-term political strategies for dealing with an economically and militarily rising China?…………. Continue reading

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Discovery of medical records of world’s first nuclear bomb radiation victim

hiroshima“The records are invaluable as those reporting in detail on changes in her health condition after she was exposed to a fatal level of radiation.”

Medical records of world’s first radiation victim from A-bomb recovered Asahi Shimbun, By YURI OIWA/ Staff Writer, 4 August 13,
Long-lost medical records detailing the sharply deteriorating health of the world’s first recognized radiation sickness patient have been
recovered 68 years after the victim died within weeks of being exposed to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

The patient, Midori Naka, a stage actress, died 18 days after she was injured in the nuclear blast on Aug. 6, 1945. She was staying in Hiroshima as part of a traveling theater troupe. After returning to Tokyo a few days later, Naka died while undergoing treatment, which included blood transfusions, at the University of Tokyo Hospital. She was 36.

The discovery came after decades of efforts by researchers to locate her missing records.The hospital kept updates of her condition leading up to her death and the results of her autopsy. But other vital records have been missing until their recent recovery.

Kazuhiko Maekawa, professor emeritus with the University of Tokyo who is expert in treating patients suffering from radiation exposure, hailed the discovery of Naka’s medical records. Continue reading

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UK’s Liberal Democrats about to sell out on their anti nuclear policy

Davey,Ed-two-faced-Lib Dems may be set to relax trademark anti-nuclear stance Opposition to building a new generation of nuclear power stations has been one of the Liberal Democrats’ most distinctive policy positions
The Independent,  DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR  SUNDAY 04 AUGUST 2013 Liberal Democrats could ditch their long-standing antipathy to nuclear energy next month in a conference debate that will cause deep
divisions within the party.

Opposition to building a new generation of nuclear power stations has been one of the Liberal Democrats’ most distinctive policy positions although they have watered it down in the Coalition Government.

At their conference in Glasgow, delegates will be asked whether they want to adopt a new policy of accepting that nuclear energy has its place in electricity generation.

The move is understood to have the backing of Nick Clegg, the party leader, and Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, although they are unlikely to speak directly on the issue……….. Continue reading

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Up to 40 trillion becquerels of tritium in the sea, from Fukushima

text ionisingJapan learns extent of nuclear leakage,  AAP August 04, 2013  THE operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has given its first public estimate of the size of the leakage of radioactive tritium into the Pacific Ocean since the disaster.

Between 20 trillion to 40 trillion becquerels of the substance is estimated to have leaked into the sea since May 2011, said Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO). It was the first such figure TEPCO has released since a massive tsunami led to the accident in March 2011, a spokesman said Sunday…..

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No sign of recovery in plummeting uranium market

burial.uranium-industryNo rebound for uranium seen as Japan idle plants Prices have sunk to the lowest in more than 7 years amid a glut of the radioactive metal and speculation Japan will delay restarting its nuclear reactors. MineWeb, Ben Sharples (Bloomberg) , 02 Aug 2013  (BLOOMBERG) Uranium prices are showing little sign of recovery after sinking to the lowest in more than seven years amid a glut of the radioactive metal and speculation Japan will delay restarting its nuclear reactors.

Prices may average $42.82 a pound this year, according to Morgan Stanley, while Bank of America Corp. is predicting $43.80. BMO Capital Markets, which cut its price estimate by 10 percent in July, forecasts $43 a pound. Uranium has averaged $40.94 so far in 2013 after sliding to $34.50 last month, the lowest since November 2005.

While Japanese power producers, including Tokyo Electric Power Co., are seeking to restart reactors as soon as possible as the cost of other fuels escalates, operations may not resume until next year, according to Deutsche Bank AG. That’s threatening to delay a rebound in demand for uranium, hurting miners such as Australia’s Paladin Energy Ltd. as supplies outstrip demand. There is about 60 million pounds of surplus uranium around the world, according to Cantor Fitzgerald LP.

“The process for restarts is clearly going to take some time,” said Jonathan Hinze, a senior vice president at Roswell, Georgia-based Ux, which provides research on the nuclear industry. “Japanese utilities are unlikely to require any new fuel until 2014 at the earliest. There is a realization that the uranium demand from Japan is unlikely to dramatically change anytime soon, especially this year.”

Price Weakness

Uranium for immediate delivery has dropped as much as 21 percent this year, extending a 17 percent decline in 2012, according to data from Ux. Prices slumped 12 percent in July, the biggest monthly loss since March 2011. They climbed as high as $152 in June 2007…

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Economics of nuclear power rapidly getting worse

radiation-sign-sadthumbs-downUS natgas boom sucks nuclear power into downdraft , 4 Aug 2013   By: One of the biggest contributors to the ongoing decline of the U.S. nuclear industry is booming natural gas development, according to a new study.

In a study published in March, the Institute for Energy and Environment identified cost overruns, slowing demand and plunging natgas prices—which this week fell to a five month low—as key forces behind nuclear’s decline.

Cheap and abundant natural gas is eating away at nuclear energy’s traditional role in generating electricity in a way that has made the sector’s prospects increasingly precarious, according to the institute and others. Even as the U.S. renews its push for climate change policies that could give nuclear a new lease on life, some observers are doubtful much can be done to arrest the sector’s spiral……..

Hill said the long-term prospects of the nuclear industry are uncertain at best, especially in a sector operating in the shadow of Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster. “The economics and the environment are driving development and the use of shale oll and gas to provide power,” she said.

Furthermore, “the economics of nuclear plants are very difficult to maintain, and very costly to do so,” she said. Hill pointed to issues that have for years dogged Yucca Mountain’s nuclear facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the site of vociferous environmental opposition…………….  the landscape remains dotted with failing projects, with four reactors having been retired this year alone.

Just a few years ago, there were prospects for a nuclear revival, said Blank Rome’s Hill. However, the resurgence of oil and gas production is changing all that.

“Some of it is definitely safety-related, such as [Japan’s] Fukushima, but the primary driver has been the advent of shale gas in the last few years,” Hill said. “I think we’re just seeing the beginning of what’s happening with shale development.”

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USA and Israel – two unaccountable nuclear weapons States

Because the American press is a corrupt government propaganda ministry, the American people have no idea that neoconized Washington is planning nuclear war. Americans are no more aware of this than they are of former President Jimmy Carter’s recent statement, reported only in Germany, that the United States no longer has a functioning democracy.

America Plans Unprovoked Nuclear Attack on China, edited and abridged from various sources by Lasha Darkmoon, Darkmoon,  August 3, 2013 by Montecristo       “……….PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS:  Amitai Etzioni has raised an important question: “Who authorized preparations for war with China?” We are confronted with a neoconized US military out of control endangering Americans and the rest of the world.

Etzioni is correct that this is a momentous decision made by a neoconized military. If the Chinese government is realistic, it is aware that Washington is planning a pre-emptive nuclear attack against China. No other kind of war makes any sense from Washington’s standpoint. The “superpower” was never able to occupy Baghdad, and after 11 years of war has been defeated in Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban. It would be curtains for Washington to get into a conventional war with China.

The Pentagon’s war plan for China is called “AirSea Battle.” It is clear that if the Washington morons get a war going, the only way Washington can prevail is with nuclear weapons. The radiation, of course, will kill Americans as well……..


The Soviet collapse and China’s focus on its economy instead of its military have resulted in Washington’s advantage in nuclear weaponry, giving it first-strike capability. Neither Russia nor China would be in any position to retaliate to Washington’s first strike. To ensure Russia’s inability to retaliate, Washington is placing anti-ballistic missiles on Russia’s borders in violation of the US-USSR agreement. Continue reading

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Death of a nuclear industry whistleblower, Charles D. Varnadore

whistleblowerCharles D. Varnadore, Whistle-Blower at Nuclear Lab, Dies at 71 , NYT,  By   August 4, 2013 After Charles D. Varnadore complained about safety at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, where he worked as a technician, his bosses moved him to an office containing radioactive waste. When an industrial hygienist recommended that either he or the waste be moved, he was put in a room contaminated with mercury.

Mr. Varnadore fought back, publicizing questionable safety practices at Oak Ridge, a federal nuclear research center that had helped develop the atomic bomb, and his own treatment, which he characterized as retaliation for his outspokenness.

His complaints drew national attention, and he found allies in the federal government.

“I’m going to see that there’s a new day here if it’s the last thing I do on this job,” Steven Blush, an Energy Department official, told CBS News in 1992.

Later that year, the department verified 16 of 26 safety violations identified by Mr. Varnadore, and it ordered Martin Marietta Energy Systems, the contractor the government had employed to run Oak Ridge, to fix all of them.

Mr. Varnadore’s complaints also led to stronger laws and practices governing employees who dare to blow the whistle on powerful employers…………

Mr. Varnadore began to receive negative performance evaluations after many years of good ones. He was shunted from assignment to assignment so frequently that he was nicknamed “the technician on roller skates.” In March 1991, he was given a storage room as an office to write reports and keep records of his work as a roving technician. The room contained bags and drums of radioactive waste, as well as bags of asbestos and chemical waste.

Later that month, he appeared on the “CBS Evening News” and expressed his concern about elevated cancer rates among Oak Ridge personnel. In November that year, he filed the first of several whistle-blower complaints to the Labor Department, invoking federal statutes promising immunity.

In February 1992, the department’s wage and hour division ruled in his favor, a judgment that was strongly supported by an administrative judge in June 1993.

“The only conclusion which can be drawn from this record is that they intentionally put him under stress with full knowledge that he was a cancer patient recovering from extensive surgery and lengthy chemotherapy,” the judge, Theodor P. Von Brand, wrote in his decision. “Under the circumstances, he was particularly vulnerable to the workplace stresses to which he was subjected.”….

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Dimming future for nuclear industry in Florida

radiation-sign-sadA utility pulls plug on Florida nuclear plans — but it’s not FPL  Miami Herald, BY CURTIS MORGAN, 3 Aug 13, CMORGAN@MIAMIHERALD.COM The future of the nuclear energy industry in Florida appears to be dimming.

Duke Energy Corp. on Thursday announced it had indefinitely postponed plans to build two new reactors in sparsely populated Levy County on the Gulf Coast, citing federal licensing delays and economic concerns.
Those are topped by spiraling construction costs and uncertainty over whether Florida regulators and lawmakers will continue supporting controversial “cost-recovery’’ policies allowing utilities to bill
customers in advance for plants with multibillion-dollar price tags.

The decision by the nation’s largest utility is the latest sign of cooling enthusiasm for nuclear power nationwide. Continue reading

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Israeli study on risks of electromagnetic radiation from cellphones

Put away that cellphone: Israeli study highlights cancer risk   Researchers find evidence that changes leading to cell mutations are much more prevalent among heavy talkers By TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF July 30, 2013 study by Tel Aviv University has shown, for the first time, a clear connection between cellphone use and higher risk of cancer.

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Although cellphones are generally regarded as potentially carcinogenic, scientific studies on the issue have been inconclusive until now, a report on the study posted Monday on Science Blog noted.
A study by Tel Aviv University has shown, for the first time, a clear connection between cellphone use and higher risk of cancer.

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Although cellphones are generally regarded as potentially carcinogenic, scientific studies on the issue have been inconclusive until now, a report on the study posted Monday on Science Blog noted.

The study waspublished in the scientific journal “Antioxidants and Redox Signaling.”  The results, while dramatic, do not establish a direct relationship between cellphone use and cancer development among users, but rather open up new lines of research and establish a clear connection between long-term cellphone use and potentially detrimental side effects on health that can cause molecular changes that can lead to cancer.

In the study, researchers from TAU, Rabin Medical Center and the Technion studied the salivary glands of 20 long-term heavy cellphone users, defined as a mean of 12 years of 30 hours per week of use, and 20 deaf subjects who did not use cellphones or used them only for text messaging.

The researchers hypothesized that because cellphones are generally placed quite close to the salivary glands when used for calls, the effects on cancer risk could be determined by analyzing the saliva of users.

They found that compared to the non-users, the cellphone users’ saliva showed much higher indications of oxidative stress, a process which is regarded as a major risk factor for cancer………….

Cellphones emit non-ionizing radiation, which is classified as extremely low levels of radiation that have been thought to not modify biological cells. However, a panel of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, in 2011 concluded that emissions from cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic” and classified them as “Category 2B,” the same status given to engine exhaust, lead, some industrial chemicals and the pesticide DDT.

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