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Radiation’s genetic effects

  1. sperm-and-radiationRadiation is Threatening The Formation of Sperm, Cancer Health Centre, 

    Nuclear radiation: nuclear radiation on the testis, the most powerful destructive effects can easily lead to male infertility. In the testis is the organ most sensitive organ to radiation is one of low doses of radiation are sufficient to significantly lower sperm quality, can cause temporary or even no sperm. 200 to 300 roentgen radiations can cause impaired spermatogenesis, 600 to 800 roentgen doses will enable the complete loss of spermatogenesis, loss of normal fertility.

  2. X-ray: Studies show that high-dose X-ray can cause sperm abnormalities, reducing the number of low quality, affecting germ cell genes, so that future generations have a serious genetic effects, which cause fetal malformations, miscarriage , premature delivery, mental retardation and so on.

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