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Immediate climate change: nuclear war can do this

Ruff  25 July 13 “……….Just 100 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs, less than one per cent of the global nuclear arsenal, would generate more than five million tons of soot and smoke if targeted at cities. In addition to
local devastation and widespread radioactive contamination, the climate impact would be catastrophic. Global cooling would be twice as large as following the Tambora explosion, and would persist not a couple of years but for over a decade, decimating global agriculture.
On top of that would come the effects of price hikes; hoarding of
food; food riots; intrastate and potential interstate conflicts over
food supplies; the disease epidemics that inevitably spread through
malnourished populations; disruption to trade and the complex
international supply chains for agricultural inputs – seed,
fertiliser, pesticides, fuel and machinery.

World grain reserves currently range between 60 and 70 days supply.
The 925 million people chronically malnourished today, and the
additional 300+ million highly dependent on imported food, could not
be expected to survive such a prolonged global food shortage.

Famine on a scale never before witnessed would worst affect poor and
malnourished people even on the other side of the world from the
nuclear explosions. Such global nuclear famine is well within the
capacity not only of the US and Russian arsenals, with between them
more than 90 per cent of the world’s 17,300 nuclear weapons, but also
the smaller arsenals of China, France, UK, India, Israel and Pakistan
– in fact all the current nine nuclear-armed states except for North

That the smaller nuclear arsenals of tens of hundreds of weapons pose
not only a regional threat but a global danger has profound
implications. It is not widely understood that the most acute risk of
abrupt and dangerous climate change is from nuclear weapons. The
extent of our collective vulnerability is illustrated by the fact that
the nuclear warheads carried on a single US Ohio class submarine, if
targeted on Chinese cities, could produce not 5 but 23 million tons of
smoke. The US has 14 such submarines; Russia 10 similar ones……

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