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Mochizuki ‘s Fukushima Diary is for those who want to know the truth

Author-Fukushima-diaryI want Fukushima Diary to be a monster / Make a hole on the information great wall  by Mochizuki on July 18th, 2013 The asian face reflected on the screen is being covered with the alphabets as I write articles.

This is the best thing I can do to the world.

Sometimes I suddenly stop and think what the hell I’m doing. Shouldn’t I go back to my land and die together ?
and then I remember.
Everyone says I must miss my land. In movies and TV drama, that’s likely. but actually I’m scared of it. All the good memories end with 311. Everything was on the path to Fukushima accident.
I know my past life was a lie. I used to feel like it was lie but didn’t do anything lazily. I was thinking questioning was immature. I hate myself having thought so.

It may be the difficult feeling to share.

I’m not doing Fukushima Diary for everyone. It’s just for the people who want to know the truth.
For some people, my presence is a disaster. However actually they are in the worse disaster.

There is a huge gap between inside and outside of Japan. Inside of Japan, you can sometimes get information about Fukushima. but in the rest of the world, you’d not hear anything about Fukushima even if you keep the TV turned on around the clock.
They think TV programs are made by the best educated people. There might be some flaws but still TV news is the best trustworthy source.

The scary thing is the gap is getting bigger and bigger. In the rest of the world, still <Japan> is the most trusted country. It’s believed to be the most democratic country. Even if you are Japanese, if you sound opposing THE Japan, you’d not be heard.

This is very dangerous.
Fukushima Diary is trying to be one the few open-holes on the huge wall.
This is why it’s always the target of all kinds of the attacks.

However, the attacks are becoming more and more personal recently. I have troubles to find the criticize about the credibility of source, logic, and analysis. Most of them are like the writer of Fukushima Diary is crazy etc..
It’s because the reports of Fukushima Diary are becoming too confirmed to refute.

Fukushima Diary must be read by more people.
For me, it is “overestimated” to be called a disaster. It needs to be a monster so that nobody can ignore.

I believe it has the power to change the world.
The wall is huge and it’s growing bigger and bigger. I want to be the last vulnerability of the great wall of the concealment.

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