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Hitomi Kamanaka 鎌仲ひとみ


Published on May 26, 2013
Hitomi Kamanaka 鎌仲ひとみ
Hitomi Kamanaka is a Japanese documentary filmmaker known particularly for her films on the danger of atomic power and the nuclear industry in Japan. In 2012, she directed a movie on internal contamination where she interviews 4 doctors from Japan and Russia who studied the consequences of Hiroshima, Tchernobyl, and now Fukushima.
Hitomi Kamanaka est une réalisatrice japonaise qui fait des documentaires sur les dangers de l’énergie atomique, et l’état de l’industrie nucléaire au Japon. En 2012, elle a fait un film sur la contamination interne dans lequel elle interviewe 4 médecins japonais et russes qui ont étudié les conséquences de Hiroshima, Tchernobyl et maintenant Fukushima.
ドキュメンタリー映画監督, 鎌仲ひとみは2012年に発表した映画で、広島、チェルノビルそして福島での被曝(ひ

Interview conducted by Keiko Courdy for 霧の向こう*AU-DELA DU NUAGE°Yonaoshi 3.11_ Japan Webdoc project in Tokyo on June 18, 2012

Film maker Hitomi Kamanaka – “Sell more cheese instead of uranium!”

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011

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Atomic bombs survivors received fair compensation, not so in Fukushima!

Atomic bombs survivors received fair compensation, not so in Fukushima!


 Saturday, 25 May 2013

After the ICRP regulation set up 1mSv/y as a permissible level in 1990, Japan had been applying 1mSv/y as the legal limit of ionizing radiation dose for normal citizens and 20mSv/y for nuclear power workers in Japan.
The atmospheric dose of radiation in Japan was 0.35-0.50mSv/y depending on the locations before the Fukushima disaster. Therefore, this limit was at odds with the level the nuclear industries had set.  In fact, it was higher because of the amounts of ionizing radiation that was released into the air by nuclear bomb testing and existing nuclear power plants.
Image source for above three pictures ;
1mSv/y has also a special meaning for Hiroshima/Nagasaki victims, too.  They said that victims who were 3.55km away from the epicenter of the Nagasaki bomb, 3.25km for Hiroshima bomb were supposed to be exposed to added dose of ionizing radiation of 1 mSv/y.(=0.23uSv/h)  because of which all these victims were able: to receive financial support for the medical cost of their illnesses and even a certain amount of their living costs, although this also depended on their other conditions under the Atomic Bomb Survivors’ Relief Law of 1995. 
The Japanese Government recognizes the relationship between being exposed to added dose of ionizing radiation, 1mSv/y” for Hiroshima/Nagasaki victims and these illnesses such as:
Malignant tumour



Irradiation cataract (age-related cataract)

Radial infarction related to radiation

Hypothyroidism related to radiation

Chronic hepatitis

Cirrhosis related to radiation

*Added dose of ionizing radiation “1mSv/y”=0.23uSv/h

This law had been kept secret from the citizens until one of the government officials was hammered with lots of questions by Mrs. Kuniko Tanioka, a member of the House of Councilors sometime last year.  
The Government officials and all the members of Parliament in Fukushima prefecture had known about this all along and were trying to hide this law from the citizens, since the Fukushima disaster.
” I’m sure the cover up is to avoid the high cost of compensation and mitigate their legal liability.”
The Japanese government has not taken sufficient responsibilities to support victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  They kept saying
“it is safe”
whilst they have been allowing residents to stay in an area with up to 20kmSv/y with even hotter spots in many different places.  The government has been realizing that the decontamination is not working well enough to reduce the level of ionizing radiation contamination in the prefecture. 
Now the Japanese Government want to apply UNSCEAR`s recent increased allowable recommendations to 100mSv/y (saying this is now safe.), thereby, raising the permissible level of ionizing radiation in order for them to be allowed to encourage the evacuees to return to their home.
*Frightening Report from the UNSEAR (The United nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation UNSCEAR- 国連科学委員会による、恐るべき報告
*Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato is asking for the legal limit of a dose of ionizing radiation in Fukushima to be higher
*New Nuclear Regulation Authority Decides on 500uSv/hour as Future Evacuation Standard. 500マイクロシーベルトで避難決定 規制委が基準: 原発事故時、福島の実測値を根拠に 
As the ionizing radiation has been spreading throughout the larger area of the East and Kanto areas, the importance of keeping the 1mSv/y regulation is an issue for many effected people in those areas. 
There is a group of people including a conscientious  member of the House of Councilors, radiation specialists, doctors who are experienced with the Chernobyl children and volunteers getting together to share and discuss how to fight against the government’s policy (especially to evacuate children out of Fukushima prefecture). This group is very determined to keep fighting and would really appreciate support from outside Japan.
*Forum for Health Damage Prevention Assistance Act and Defending of 1mSv/y Regulation. (Japanese language only)


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Japanese researchers exposed to accidental radiation – Video


Published on May 25, 2013

Researchers exposed to radiation during experiment
A Japanese nuclear research agency says 4 of its researchers accidentally suffered internal radiation exposure during an experiment. The incident took place on Thursday at the government-affiliated Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo.
The Nuclear Regulatory Authority says it received a report from the agency on Friday evening. It is asking the agency for details about the accident and the reason for the delay in filing its report. The Japan Atomic

Energy Agency says four male researchers in their 20s and 30s were firing a beam over gold to generate elementary particles when the device malfunctioned and the output of the beam rose 400-fold. The gold was heated to high temperatures and vaporized, generating radioactive materials.
The agency officials say they believe there’s no risk to the researchers’ health.
May 25, 2013 – Updated 00:04 UTC

Water decontamination device to be used in fall
The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is expected to start full operations this year of a system to remove accumulated radioactive wastewater.
The Advanced Liquid Processing System, or ALPS, can filter 62 types of radioactive material.
Tokyo Electric Power Company has 3 such systems. Operators have carried out a performance test for one of them since late March.………

The Unclear Fate of Nuclear Power
Two years after the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi, can the nuclear renaissance regain its momentum?…

Sanctifying nuclear hazards…

May 25, 2013
Are we ready? Crews prepare for nuclear accident
John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The chances of an accident occurring at the Beaver Valley Power Station are considered to be small.
Nonetheless, FirstEnergy Corp., along with first responders and emergency management personnel, are continually preparing just in case.…

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Documentary – Radioactive waste: Dumped and Forgotten [Banned in the uk]


Published on May 25, 2013

This documentary was shown on German and French TV but not in England. For obvious reasons the English don’t want anyone to see it. This is the English version which we hope you will mirror and call attention to. It discusses the effects of sea dumping of radioactive waste on the health of people living on the local coasts, like the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea, which is the most radioactive sea in the world. The documentary focuses on the British sea dumping in the English Channel Hurd Deep about 12 miles north of the Channel Island of Alderney. Alderney is also subject to releases to the sea from the French Nuclear Reprocessing Plant at Cap de la La Hague 12 miles East of the small island. Prof Chris Busby who was consulted on the health effects of this marine radioactive pollution visits the island with the producers and makes measurements of contamination on the beach. Busby originally visited the island in 1998 with Jersey MP Stuart Syvret and found an excess of brain tumours and also general cancer mortality which was written up as a Green Audit paper and became part of a BBC news story at the time. They were both chased off the island.

Manfred Ladwig manages to get Dr John Cooper, head of the UK radiological protection organisation, the HPA, to admit that they balance childhood cancer cases against the advantages of cheaply disposing of nuclear waste. Cooper also agrees that his position involves a conflict of interest since he is head of HPA which takes advice on radiation protection from ICRP. Cooper is on the ICRP committee. He therefore takes advice from himself. We also hear from Prof Richard Wakeford, ex head of research for Sellafield, but now an “independent” expert, also on ICRP, who tells us the coastal child leukemias were caused by “population mixing”. How long do we have to be subject to advice from these clowns?
Prof Busby asks the youtube to kindly leave this alone since he was part of the production and has the right to upload it.
Published on May 25, 2013 by Professor Chris Busby on YouTube…
Thank you for sharing!

HALF-Life Radioactive Elements listed Here. Remember the Half life is the time it takes an element to decay by HALF. Thus, multiply the Half life by approx. 10 to find out how long these deadly elements will remain.

The solution to pollution is NOT Dilution.


Recommendations of the ECRR…
Analyses of the ICRP model
Enjoy the scientific batttle of both directors of the two Radiation Risk models — J. Valentin and C. Busby, 22.03.2009, Stockholm

Published on Mar 30, 2013 Sellafield and Professor Chris Busby – INTRIGUE AND DECEPTION CONCERNING IRELAND! by arclight2011 (thank you)…

Petition to Legally STOP Nuclear: Dr Chris Busby…

For questions or problems please contact support.

Breaking! Sellafield, the BBC and EURDEP lie to cover up contamination incident! Irish coast hit!…

Radiation alert at home of dead Russian tycoon in UK — Officers search for nuclear material — Connected to ex-KGB spy poisoned with polonium-210 (VIDEO)…

Sellafield smoke stack incident — 20 October 2012 — Picture-repost…

Irish bid to close Sellafield — Sellafield covering something up!…

India -Scientist: Physicians report increased cancers near nuclear site — Birth defects, still births, spontaneous abortions on the rise!…

Study shows radiation can be bad for a woman’s heart…

Study: Nuclear Plant Shutdown Results in 4,319 Fewer Cancer Cases…

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