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UN Report – Bloggers response! – Japanese delegation to The UN spreads Lies and Deception!

Is Egypt complicit in hiding the truth of Fukushima? Why was the report placed on the Arabic speaking website? I am re blogging this in case anyone missed the update.. Anand Grover was the Rapporteur who made the report November 2012 but Egyptian MOHAMED EZZELDIN ABDEL-MONEIM is the committee Rapporteur now.. No statement from Anand Grover??
I am sorry I didn’t catch this sooner.. But I got there in the end.. Arclight2011


14 May 2013

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By Arclight2011

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Below, is a report concerning the petition to the UN on behalf of the Children of Fukushima and their petition to the UN. The UN sent Mr. Anand Grover on a Country Visit to Japan on 15 to 26 November 2012. Mr Anand Grover made some comments regarding the nuclear disaster, as well as some other issues in Japan.

The above short video shows the real  situation on the ground that the Japanese delegation is not responding too!Published on 3 Feb 2013

In response to Mr Anand Grovers comments  the Japanese Government sent a delegation to reassure the UN that the points Mr Anand Grover brought…

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