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Anti nuclear Sister Megan Rice, in handcuffs and leg irons – not allowed out before sentencing

see-this.way(scroll down for video) VIDEO 83-year-old nun gets 20 year sentence for ‘symbolic’ nuclear facility break-in Raw Story By Stephen C. Webster, May 9, 2013  “…….Sister Rice has been arrested between 40 or 50 times committing acts of civil disobedience, according to The New York Times, including once in Nevada after she physically blocked a truck at a nuclear test site.


Depleted uranium munitions like the kind stored at the facility Sister Rice targeted are blamed for some of the worst birth defects and soaring cancer rates seen in post-war Iraq, particularly in the city of Fallujah following the siege of 2004, in which U.S. soldiers killed thousands of civilians.

The city has never recovered, particularly from the use of depleted uranium munitions, and to this day residents suffer from health effects “worse” than those seen following the nuclear detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, according to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

“I believe we are all equally responsible to stop a known crime,” Sister Rice said from the witness stand, according to quotes published by her group. She called herself a “citizen of the world” and reportedly smiled as the verdict was read.

Convicted nuclear protesters must stay in jail  MIAMI HERALD, BY ERIK SCHELZIG 9 MAY 13,  ASSOCIATED PRESS “….The trio appeared in court Thursday in handcuffs and leg irons seeking their release until their Sept. 23 sentencing…” .

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