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Dr. George Jaśkowski: Chernobyl, Fukushima, Windscale, Three Mile Island and then what?

You have to remember that when inhaled while breathing particles of plutonium or uranium with the same mass, the isotope has a thousand to a million times more emissions per second than uranium.

Dr. George Jaśkowski. Fig. Inter.‘Dr. George Jaśkowski. Fig. Inter.

Translated from Polish

Nuclear physics what is it and who is it for? A series devoted to the nameless victims of megalomaniacs.

It’s not the majority creates truth
This truth should be the most!

For about a hundred years, we, as a society, put up the walls of the great discoveries that supposedly revolutionize the world. On top of these great discoveries, mass media, placed nuclear physicists.

Is this diagnosis correct and true? Is it really the people working in the profession of nuclear physics have contributed so much in a positive sense to humanity.
The facts tell a different story.

Contrary to the opinion of so-called promoted. nuclear physicists are working mainly for the military. If not for the pursuit of military fanatics to have as many weapons of total destruction, probably very few people would know what they are doing in nuclear physicists.

Especially after the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Japan in 1945, the role of nuclear physicists was emphasized. Even a madman could pull of the trigger and kill 150 000 people in a split second.

Then, suddenly began to argue that such a man named Robert Oppenhaimer was the creator of the atomic bomb. And really the guy for cooperation with the Communists and Soviet military intelligence – GRU, after a few months in Los Allamos, even in 1944 was expelled from the team working on the development of the atomic bomb.

As you know the first explosion took place only in July 1945, so almost a year after throwing Oppenheimer from Los Alamos. Encyclopedias still serving untruths about his role, somehow pushing his supposed merit. Similarly, marriage Rozenberg – Jewish spies Stalin was supposedly innocent until Venony declassifying documents.

These documents confirmed the espionage activities Rozenberg to the Soviets. Although there are still idiots attentive public disinformation alleged innocence of the Rosenbergs. In Poland, even special films distributed on DVD, in the study of history, for their alleged innocence.

So the only work for military complex and huge amounts provided for the purpose of public taxes wind up publicity. Apparently, even the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was only required as evidence to the public that these two billion U.S. dollars for the construction of the atomic bomb has not been wasted by gen.gen. Lesiie Groves and Taylor teams. At that time 2000000000 is now at least 100 times the amount.

Rumour suspects were dropped [on Hiroshima and Nagasaki] is a German bomb, which was traded for the transport of about 400 000 German specialists to the United States, Argentina and Egypt as part of the codenamed clip. But it is so-so talk hence not supported by any documents. After the special services not odtajniają documents his life. Besides, if anyone has seen the true reports of special services?

It is not disputed that in 1944, the Germans transported to Japan several boxes of enriched uranium. The fact is also that the uranium enrichment occurs in the reactors. The fact is that in Munich are the remains of something that was supposed to be the foundation of the reactor. However Rumour says that since at least 1936 years in Munich was lighted by electricity obtained from the reactor. The photo shows U.S. soldiers discovered a German reactor nuclear power project in Haigerloch.

The fact carry the German scientists and technicians to other countries such as Argentina is indirectly confirmed that as early as the late 50s of the last century gauchos country that is Argentina began with the participation of the German company Siemens, the construction of nuclear power plants. Before that time Siemens was not known from the construction of any nuclear power plants. And the fact is that at least tens of thousands of Germans after the war settled in Argentina. In any case, it could not do without the knowledge of all the then Allies control all ports and airspace.
Of course, these are just agonizing commoner.

Returning to the subject of the atomic bomb. It is known that the Germans would gladly have given the enriched uranium Japanese. Definitely would leave something yourself. And the strange thing, no post-war development of anything on this subject is not mentioned. Even in any of the processes norymberdzkich not been touched topic of uranium and plutonium.
Production only those carried several boxes of U-bot, she had to take at least a few years and could be one reactor.

It is interesting also that Americans really started thier own experimental tests of nuclear weapons only a few years after Hiroshima. They had apparently more uranium?

Continuing problems of nuclear physics. This group is created for the military concerning dose units of biological effects. Unfortunately, it was created for the military only to ad hoc estimation of loss of life. As is known in the military are all roughly the same weight and height. In theory at least there should be children and pregnant women.

I am in possession of declassified documents relating to the so-called English. experimental nuclear explosions. In 1952, for example, one commander reports written request sent to another commander. The man says that we know that radiation causes leukemia and other cancers, infertility in men, but we got new equipment and we have to try it out. So we need a battalion of infantry. Approx. 2000 natives already have. ”

This direct letter denoting actually liquidation over 2,500 people is impressive.

Now, the nuclear scientists treated the man as a bag of water and determines the absorbed dose as a measure of the temperature of the water. That dose is dangerous if the temperature rises significantly. If the dosage is small it will not raise the temperature, and therefore is not harmful radiation.
This explanation was for the military to understand. However, every biologist knows that in addition to its energy in nature occurs, the impact of information. For example, the eardrum is minimal deflection under the influence of energy, and the pain we feel at energies greater approx x 10 with 12 zeros.

The first unit to measure the effect of radiation was rem. By definition, it was the energy of one joule absorbed by weight of one kilogram. [That is the energy absorbed by a substance].

After a while they came to the conclusion that the major concepts of operating a 100 rem or 1,000 rem make a bad impression on the public, so divide this figure by 100 to yield a unit called the sievert. This is the same as rem, but we’re talking about fractions, and it is known fractions of the society does not care.

Thus, one sievert is the energy of one joule weight of 1 gr.
And so physicists have adopted the for granted that the only energy equal to 1000 rem causes the death of a man.

However, in normal life, not nuclear, each student can perform a simple experiment. This experiment is to prepare a glass of 250 ml of cold water with a thermometer in the center. Then warm up the tip of a screwdriver, for example, the red and put so-hot glass. We find that the temperature did not rise as much as 0.1 degrees. In turn, each man knows that he does not have to die even when the temperature of the body will rise by 3-4 degrees.

But I promise you, as a surgeon with 40 years of experience, that if such a red-hot screwdriver’ll put a nuclear physicist in a place where noble name back they lose, it will die because of bleeding not Upon reaching the hospital, despite the obvious fact that, as is proved in a glass of water, the temperature of his body, more than 400 times larger, will not rise as much as 0.01 degrees.

And despite the fact that every student can carry out such an experiment in the school itself, this knowledge for nuclear physicists do not reach.
In addition, the effects are quite different ionizing radiation on a small child or a pregnant woman, and quite different to an adult man.

We approaches to the problem in another way. Since the nuclear scientists so passionate about mathematics that try to explain the concept of surveying in radiobiology in a different way.

Each cell is made up of certain chemical compounds linked to each other by bonding. The most common bond is a hydrogen bond. The energy of this bond is about 6-7 eV. However, alpha particle has an energy of about 5-6 MeV. This energy is about a million times greater than the binding energy of hydrogen. Nuclear physicists say it does not matter, and that the molecule does not harm human alpha as “stops” piece of paper.

Now, these people, the poor differently, they forget that the nuclear explosions all that mass of radionuclide enters the atmosphere, and at least three times the Earth’s crust orbits before it reaches the ground. Of course, during this descent of radioactive elements, filtered air through the respiratory system. It should be remembered that during one such decay of uranium, emits the energy from 4.5 to 5.8 MeV.

Depending on the type of plutonium isotope, plutonium from the reactor and its derivatives have activity from 0.005 to 110 000 to 000 grams of you and the activity of uranium from 0.000006 to 0.006 Ci / g by weight. You have to remember that when inhaled while breathing particles of plutonium or uranium with the same mass, the isotope has a thousand to a million times more emissions per second than uranium.

So it must be stated clearly that the absorption of radionuclides plutonium is much more harmful than uranium. And even though Poland never warned the public about the so-called. hot particles.

PS. Immediately after completion of the Round Table, established the so-called PAA. “Commission Wierusz” to publish a report on the effects of the Chernobyl disaster for Polish. The Commission was given the status of a real or bleached conduct nuclear physicists and the supervision of radiation protection. Unfortunately, despite clarify important issues at meetings such as the very next day, after a disaster [27/28.04.1986 r] army began to take all the measurements of radiation that Hunt in early May 1986 raised the standards for exposure to 20 times and not helped give numerical values, only the number of measurements exceeding the new standard.

So if, for example milk showed 990 Bq activity was classified as normal, because the “new” standard allowed for contamination to 1000 Bq. Previous standard allowed for up to 50 Bq.
So even after years you can not say what was the actual contamination Polish.

Although, therefore, that some things could be explained, the first part of the resulting report still contains a large amount of misinformation.

Wide messages sent to my open letter, showing the 12 pages of this misinformation has led to the suspension of the activities of the Commission. After the publication of the letter the Commission never no longer met.

Only as the full report titled “The Chernobyl disaster, and Poland” was published under the auspices of the Gdańsk Scientific Society a year later, with the support of prof. Assoc. Kupryszewski Godfrey, Chairman of GTN and then Mr. Director. H. Sochacka.

As a curiosity I can state that both GTN and our office was the scene of repeated burglaries after the publication of this Report. Strangely enough, this book just disappeared – REPORT. The burglars did not take either radio or television, or computers, and only looked for this report. These are book lovers were 20 years ago. A Polish studies today complain that people do not want to read?

Dr. George Jaśkowski

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