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UK URENCO being sold for peanuts on the pound! But is it really a bargain?

Image source ; “..Responsibility for the government’s stake in Urenco was shifted from the Department for Energy and Climate Change to Business, Innovation and Skills in January..”

I thought i would point out that the price of Urenco is dropping.. the different currencies below show the bottom price as having dropped to 2.5 billion dollars and that means ..

2,500,000.00 USD = 1,614,987.08 GBP

O00ps! its a sale!!

…The move marks a step towards a deal that could net British taxpayers as much as £3bn, according to estimates that value the entire company at £8bn-£10bn….
july 2012


….Bidders are lining up for for Urenco’s privatisation, which could put £4bn in the UK chancellor’s coffers….
17 March 2013


….Analysts estimate that the Buckinghamshire, UK-based uranium enrichment firm is worth between 2.5 billion euros and 3.6 billion euros ($3.27 billion to $4.70 billion), but some of the sellers are hoping for as much as 12 billion euros…..
Sun Mar 17, 2013

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Why is the uk selling Urenco?.. Do they know something we don’t??

Its just a thought but I have cone across some shocking preliminary statistics from a UK hospital. Miscarriage and stillbirth statistics running over the period of the great UK MOX renaissance (since 2007)!! should be posted later today..

The respiratory “admission to ICU” stats are on the pollution link.. Time to FOI Health departments for these statistics at a hospital near you perhaps? .. That could be interesting.. imo

You can see why (world) and (australian) are being targetted
here is the link to show how the legal crowd deal with bloggers.. or are trying too!? :)

Legal firm Ashurst threatening Australian nuclear/uranium critic

Among other things, the Ashurst letter accused the anti-nuclear campaigner of imputing that Mr Walker was ‘’insensitive’’.

And Ashursts Australia are employed by an extremely broke Palladin Mining?? or is someone else paying the legal fee??

Areva boss Luc Oursel quietly bullies the UK to stop supporting the poor!! …and support nuclear!

…..Until now, it was widely assumed that EDF was leading the call for subsidies for new nuclear. But a new document reveals that last November, Areva‘s chief executive officer, Luc Oursel, lobbied the European Environment Commissioner, Connie Hedagaard, for financial help for the construction of new nuclear power stations…..

….Mr Oursel also called for the “progressive removal” of “a stack of ad hoc tariff distortions” – such as “subsidies for renewables [and] energy poverty”…..

Luc Oursel

its only a guess mind you! ;)

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