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Breaking! Japanese Government found responsible for the evacuation of Koriyama city children!

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26 April 2013

…..There will be an increased risk on the health of the children of Koriyama City due to the effects of radiation…. Statement by the Court


Published on 25 Apr 2013

The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team

The court case that was trying to get a legal judgement on the right of the children of Koriyama city to evacuate but received an unusual judgement from the court on Wednesday 24 April 2013.


This judgement from the Sendai High Court found that there was a problem with the children’s health due to local contamination issues from the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

The earlier Koriyama District Court ruling used the argument that there was not enough ICRP dose radiation measurement to cause harm but, strangely this crucial point was ignored by the Sendai High Court. The court found that there was existing health issues to take into account after hearing the masses of compelling evidence set before them. The  case has taken 3 months to reach judgement.

Strangely, the judgement then rejected the petition saying that the Local Government of Koriyama was not responsible for the costs or organising the evacuation.


The Lawyer for the children, Toshio Yanagihara a member of the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team, said that this means the national government has been put in the spotlight, though the judges did not want to look at this aspect of the case and make a statement supporting, more fully, the idea behind the court case that “someone” needs to act on the children’s behalf.

This legal twist allows the main stream media to claim that the overall case was rejected and this is a win for the well paid PR companies like Ogilvy and Maher who are tasked with mitigating the news and the costs of the 3 meltdowns at Daichi by the government of Japan and Tepco (bankrupted and now owned by the government of Japan). The spin on this story will ensure that the truth does not come out about the plight of the children of Koriyama city and other effected cities and prefectures.

It is up to us as individuals to spread the word and stop this corporate propaganda machine of lawyers and PR companies and stop them in their tracks. The word has to get out. It is up to you!

“..based on the logic that there is no need to give legal permission to the Koriyama children’s evacuation….”

Hows that for legal double speak? They must have had an army of solicitors firms working on this confusion?

I wonder who the solicitors firms are? if you dig any dirt on them, be sure to leave a comment in the comments. And maybe we can bring these firms out into the light of day where their shareholders can see them? 🙂

I believe that there was a “clutch” of lawyers hired by the government early on in the disaster in 2011 after funding was released for the purpose (probably from the Fukushima Aid money that also went to promoting ….whaling?).

Save the children!!

Saikado Hantai!



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