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Nuclear Lobby’s big lie about “radiophobia”

liar-nuclear1“Fear of a Contaminated Homeland” becomes “Radio Phobia”  23 April 13, 

Translation: The witnesses to the world’s nuclear disasters, living in the affected lands, have a rational and experiential basis for fearing and not wanting the radiological contamination their homelands suffer.

This accurate awareness, experience and opinion is translated by nuclear industry and its authorities as an illness caused bygroundless fear. Love of health and homeland, the basis of the perception of homeland degradation, becomes not a sign of mourning for one’s nation, people and self, but a sign of weakness within the narrative of the nuclear industry. Hence “Radiophobia” as a term of abuse by nuclear authorities. These persons and organisations who claim authority to dictate safety in an attempt to shut up the patriots of the contaminated lands.

No farmer would want to plough cesium laced land, no consumer would want to eat the resulting food. Contaminated homelands mean no or little choice. The devaluing of the wants and needs of people lie at the basis of the nuclear industry narrative. The alleged imperative of nuclear industry demonstrates, by its defensive reactions, the priority of its own needs – to continue – over the valid needs of lands and populations who once hosted the industry.

The use of the term reveals more about nuclear authorities than it does about their victims.

It is self evident that nuclear authorities act to minimize the perception of contaminated homelands.

This is not homeland security; it is a manipulative lie.

Fewer and fewer people are able to believe the lie without dissonance.

The entire dynamic is not new. It has been repeated for decades.


April 25, 2013 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, spinbuster

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