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Fidel Castro calls on North Korea for moderation

Fidel Castro urges North Korea to avoid nuclear warfare LA Times By Emily Alpert April 5, 2013,   Former Cuban President Fidel Castro urged North Korea to steer clear of atomic warfare, saying Koreans faced “one of the most grave risks of nuclear war” since the Cuban missile crisis half a century ago.

North Korea has stepped up its belligerent talk, recently declaring it had entered a state of war with South Korea and threatening a nuclear attack on the United States. Analysts say North Korea is not yet capable of carrying out such a strike, but the escalating threats have grabbed global attention.

Castro said he delivered his message as a friend, recalling “the honor of knowing” former North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, “a historic, strikingly valiant and revolutionary figure” and the late grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un……,0,2215182.story

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