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Irish bid to close Sellafield – Sellafield covering something up!

….The Chart  I accessed shows some movement from after midnight on the morning of the 22 March 2013 and he chart is finally switched off at 12 noon on the 22 March 2013

(It Is normal for most European countries to ignore radon peaks and some actually scrub them of the charts others like CRIIRAD show them but make a note to say it is “Normal radon” its not easy to tell the difference) In this case the plume cleared the UK but hit Ireland to some degree or other on the 21st March 2013.

Here are the Irish charts I managed to access showing varying degrees of light contamination hitting Ireland from early on the 21st that proves that Sellafield was outputting large quantities of radioactive  gases for some time….

Figure 3.8 The map shows how caesium is carried from Sellafield by ocean currents. The route followed is the same as that followed by technetium. The map also shows how long it takes the caesium to reach the different areas once it has been discharged from the Sellafield facility.
Source Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

The environmental impact of the Sellafield discharges –

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by LL Vintró –
wastes from Sellafield arise both in water used to purge the cooling ponds in ….. Contour map of the 99Tc distribution in the Irish Sea, together with sea water

25 March 2013

A fresh legal bid to close down Sellafield’s nuclear reprocessing plant is one of the most significant cases the Irish Republic has ever taken.

Environment minister Martin Cullen said today’s action at a United Nations court was essential to protect Ireland’s interests.

Ministers are taking the UK to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea amid concerns that radioactive discharge from the Cumbrian site is polluting the Irish Sea. Mr Cullen said he regretted that such a step was necessary.

He said: “These cases are among the most significant legal actions ever taken by Ireland.

“They represent the Irish government’s absolute commitment to ensuring that Ireland’s rights under these international conventions in relation to Sellafield and its operations are fully vindicated. I know the team, led by the Attorney General, will make the strongest possible arguments in support of our concerns.”

He said there were several worrying issues, including claims of pollution from the discharge of radioactive waste from the MOX plant into the Irish Sea.

Mr Cullen also expressed concern at the “inadequacy” of the environmental assessment undertaken by the UK in relation to the facility and the failure to properly assess the risk of terrorist attack on the site. International movements of radioactive materials associated with the site were also a cause for concern.

Irish government chief whip Mary Hanafin said the fresh legal action was a sign of Ireland’s determination to use every means possible to close down the plant.

“My constituents along the coastline of Dublin Bay are living with the very real threat of Sellafield. They can be assured the hearing in The Hague represents the most significant case this country has ever taken against Sellafield to date.”

The hearings will take place before a five-member tribunal. They will proceed for around three weeks and will be open to the public with some exceptions where material being referred to is of a confidential nature.

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