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富士山周辺に異変か?河口湖の水位低下(約2m)2013-3-22 – Unexplained water drop near Mount Fuji investigated by Japanese video blogger


Published on 22 Mar 2013


Image source ; Pressure in Mount Fuji is now higher than last eruption, warn experts..

English summary here

The reason that the water level of the lake decreased is unclear.

The depth of the water of this lake is 15 meters.

When water level rises, drain it from the waterway into the river.

I have not yet done the confirmation of the waterway.

I consider the possibility of the slip-up of the worker of the waterway management.

There was little rainfall of this year, but it is not a cause.

The seismometer in the observatory of the neighborhood, slant system, GPS don’t have the change.

The top and bottom of the depth of the water of 1m is not rare.

The change of water level more than 2m is a rare phenomenon.

Volcanic activity and the relations with the earthquake are unknown.

An earthquake has been generated in Japan approximately one month after a drop of such a water level.

There is a Japanese article in the link of More info in this video…

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Most Americans are willing to Use Nuclear Weapons – New Report!

In one hypothetical scenario, the U.S. mission is to destroy a terrorist laboratory in the Middle East. Respondents were told that a nuclear attack on the lab would be twice as likely to succeed as a conventional attack. However, while 100 innocent bystanders would be killed in the non-nuclear assault, 25,000 people would die in the nuclear strike. In spite of the huge loss of life, 39% of the respondents chose the nuclear option. And 52% said they would approve of it as well if they learned about it after the fact….

Dropping the bomb isn’t so bad after all, in the minds of many Americans.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Martin Amis (born 25 August 1949) is a British novelist, essayist and short story writer. He is the son of Kingsley Amis. (Wiki)

A group of academics from Dartmouth and Stanford conducted a study (pdf) to see how serious a geopolitical situation would have to be in order for Americans to get behind a first strike involving nuclear weapons. The researchers went in thinking there would be a strong aversion to using nuclear weapons.

They were wrong.

“We found you barely have to put a finger on the scale,” Daryl Press, an associate professor at the Dartmouth College Department of Government, told Salon.

Participants in the study were presented with three different scenarios for addressing the problem of terrorists possessing nuclear weapons. Each scenario offered a solution involving conventional arms or nuclear weapons, with varying degrees of success for each choice.

“What we found is that, if we told the respondents that a conventional and a nuclear strike would be equally effective—you’d have the same chance of destroying the target—people preferred the conventional option by roughly 4 to 1,” Press said.

“But if we provided even a slight advantage to the nuclear option, the numbers flipped. At least half of the American public would support the use of nuclear weapons.”

When nukes provided a relatively slight advantage, 51.4% said they favored using them. When nukes provided a big advantage, the level of support jumped to 68.6%.

In one hypothetical scenario, the U.S. mission is to destroy a terrorist laboratory in the Middle East. Respondents were told that a nuclear attack on the lab would be twice as likely to succeed as a conventional attack. However, while 100 innocent bystanders would be killed in the non-nuclear assault, 25,000 people would die in the nuclear strike. In spite of the huge loss of life, 39% of the respondents chose the nuclear option. And 52% said they would approve of it as well if they learned about it after the fact.

-Noel Brinkerhoff

To Learn More:

America Has Stopped Worrying, Loves the Bomb (by Tom Jacobs, Salon)

Atomic Aversion: Experimental Evidence on Taboos, Traditions, and the Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons (by Daryl G. Press, Scott D. Sagan, and Benjamin A. Valentino; American Political Science Review ) (pdf)

Rethinking the Unthinkable (by Bill Keller, New York Times)

Is Money Wasted on Nuclear Weapons being Driven by Lobbyists? (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)

Solution to Global Warming…A Small Nuclear War (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Increases Spending for Nuclear Weapons (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)

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NRC Plays Hot Potato with FOIA Documents – Maggie Gundersen – Lucas Hixson – Kevin Hurley


Published on 22 Mar 2013

NRC Plays Keep Away…
Critical safety documents are continuously withheld from the public with a total lack of openness and transparency.

Fairewinds founder Maggie Gundersen and Enformable’s Editor Lucas Hixson meet with Kevin Hurley to discuss the difficulties the public has in obtaining information from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and from reactor owners. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been a failure in allowing the public to have access to information that affects the safety of their communities.…

*** sidenote *** Lucas Hixon was given LOTS of FOIA documents from Fukushima and NEVER POSTED THEM ON HIS ENFORMABLE SITE… Just sayin’ to keep the record straight for those who have difficulty understanding who is who in the zoo…so to speak.

I couldn’t find any supporting documents on the Fairewinds Site to add about this podcast, so I’ll repeat some AWESOME reports from another day in case you missed them.


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Fukushima town’s sole resident speaks out in documentary – 原発20キロ圏内に生きる男 – Alone in the Zone

By Andrew Miller

Japan Today (See link for comments and links to offer support to this wonderful man! and for organisations related)

Mar. 22, 2013 – 06:59AM JST


After the great earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, there was also the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant, spreading radioactive contamination even as far as Tokyo. Now after two years, Fukushima’s 20-kilometer radioactive exclusion zone still remains in place.

While most families fled the contaminated areas in the early stages following the explosion, one brave man remained undeterred by it all, staying put in his hometown. Naoto Matsumura, 53, is believed to be the sole inhabitant within the 20-kilometer red zone.

Matsumura’s determination to remain rooted in the same place and see through the nuclear catastrophe has caught the attention of many, with his accounts even being adapted into a documentary. The documentary tells of the events after the great earthquake and Mutsumura’s reasons for remaining at his home despite all those around him fleeing, never to return. Perhaps even more interestingly, it gives some rather candid accounts of this man’s feelings towards Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the company that operated the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Although the dialog is in Japanese, an explanation of the most pertinent and moving moments from the footage, along with the video itself, is included below. The footage of deserted towns and the way in which the wildlife has taken over the now uninhabited areas of Fukushima alone, however, make compelling viewing.

Immediately after the nuclear accident, Matsumura asked his close friend who somewhat ironically worked for TEPCO, if the situation was serious and whether there was cause for genuine concern. This so-called friend, despite having already rushed his own family far way from the site, replied, “No need to worry. I can see it all breezing over in a couple of days.” When Matsumura recalls this episode, it is difficult not to feel a pang of sadness for him as he adds, “Such heartlessness. In spite of all that happened, to continue the cold lies…”

Brief explanation of the documentary (footage below):

In the beginning of the documentary, Mr Matsumura, who lives in Tomioka in Fukushima, recalls the emotional trauma of being left alone after all the other residents had fled the area:

“The feeling of loneliness was so overbearing that it even numbed my sense of what it is to be lonely. Admittedly, acclimatizing to this new environment took me some time.”

He then recounts the reason for continuing to live in the hazard zone, commenting: ”I originally fled south, after the fourth reactor at Daichi exploded. Hoping to stay at my father’s house, I was bitterly disappointed after being turned away due to fears of radioactive contamination.”

As a final alternative, Matsumura turned to the closest evacuation center, but was denied entry due to the overwhelming number of citizens seeking refuge. He reached the point where finding a safe place to stay had become all too bothersome, and besides, Matsumura felt responsible for the livestock and pets waiting for him back home. With this, he once again returned to his hometown.

Later in the video he reflects of his fears of developing leukaemia five or 10 years down the line; however, he bravely shrugs this off by commenting: “If this were to happen, it’s something I’ll deal with at the time.”

In the closing moments of the footage, we see the starling images of some of Matsumura’s livestock that eventually died of starvation. He reflects on how Tomioka was once a place abundant in life and happiness. Ultimately, Tomioka is where he was born and raised, and “it’s a place where I’ll die”, he says. 

Read more stories from RocketNews24.
Blogger’s Troubling Insight into the Psyche of Post-Disaster Fukushima Residents
Buses in Fukushima to Shed Light on Radiation in the Area
Google to Photograph Street Views of Evacuated Town in Fukushima


原発20キロ圏内に生きる男 – Alone in the Zone

H/t Maria from JT comments for these useful links..

There are a couple of international groups supporting Matsumura. Here is one site, with different ways to send help:

There is a FB page, which is less well-laid out, but has some useful information in English:

The FB page has a link for other animal rescue shelters in the no-go area and around it, in Japanese:

Video Published on 10 Mar 2013

福島の警戒区域にただ独り残る松村直登。Surviving solo in the Fukushima evacuation zone.
For English subtitles, click “CC” button at the bottom of the video player.

– 本作のVICE.comでの記事はこちら…
– Read the article at…


Two years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went into full meltdown, and the resulting 20KM evacuation zone was enforced, one farmer still remains behind braving high levels of radiation and loneliness to tend to abandoned animals. His name is Naoto Matsumura, and he is the last man standing in the ghost town of Tomioka. Another farmer, Kenji Hasegawa’s town of Iidate was also evacuated due to high levels of radiation, he sought refuge in temporary housing. Faced with a post-nuclear world both these men share brutally honest views on the state of their lives, TEPCO, government inaction and some of the hardest situations they have had to face in the midst of overwhelming radioactivity.


The NPO organization Matsumura himelf and his supporter run. English translation under all the posts and donation info on the middle-left.


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Depleted Uranium Destroys Generations | Brainwash Update


Published on 22 Mar 2013

Abby Martin takes a closer look at the continued use of depleted uranium, and the impact of DU contamination on the lives of innocent Iraqis.

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Japanese nuclear Waste: Managing a Lethal Legacy – NHK


Published on 23 Mar 2013

NHK Documentary: Nuclear Waste Managing a Lethal Legacy
It’s been about 2 years since the accident. Nuclear power plants across the country still store huge amounts of spent fuel. No one has found a way to deal with the spent fuel. Nor no sites have been found for its final disposal. The spent fuel kept piling up. It now amounts to 17 thousand tons for Japan as a whole. Some nuclear plants could run out of storage space in about 2 years if they were to go back online. What can be done about this nuclear waste which has nowhere to go? We’ll explore several paths to resolving this critical issue.

Air date; 3/22/13

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Sellafield smoke stack incident – 20 October 2012 – Picture-repost

USA -Study will assess cancer risks -Flawed methodology? Media ignoring other studies?

the top industry trade group had argued against it, saying the study is “unlikely to produce scientifically defensible results.”

Will the methodology use qualitative research (real data) or quantitative research (statistics and mathematical formula)?

The USA budget for radiation monitoring has been reduced by 40 percent even before the study has begun. is this a coincidence? Therefore NO real data!

The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) is a jointly staffed agency within the Department of Homeland Security. DNDO is the primary entity in the U.S. government for implementing domestic nuclear detection efforts for a managed and coordinated response.


Occupy the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) WTF??? WHY ARE WE CUTTING THE DNDO BUDGET BY 40%??? Shouldn’t we be INCREASING the detection of radiation in our country b/c there’s an ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan and the prevailing winds are in OUR direction?? It rains down in OUR crops, contaminates OUR food supply, and gets in OUR air and water!! Would someone please explain that to the people in charge!!! Never mind the fact that many of our own 104 aging nuclear power plants also leak and when they do the leaking is invisible. Shouldn’t we be spending MORE on monitoring all of this instead of cutting the budget by 40%?? In the middle of an ongoing nuclear disaster it seems really stupid to be slashing the radiation monitoring budget.


Methodology of NPP cancer study

“Geographic areas to use in the study (e.g., county, zip codes, census tracts, or annular rings around the facility at some nominal distances)”

The use of annular rings or nominal distances is a farce as the fallout from the tall chimney stacks can travel some way before it touches ground.”

Here is a quote from a report on atmospheric effects on stack emissions  The idea is to loft the emissions up and get them to travel far.

“..In most problems one must estimate the effective stack height, H, at which the plume becomes essentially level. Rarely will this height correspond to the physical height of the stack, h. If the plume is caught in the turbulent wake of the stack or of buildings in the vicinity of the stack, the effluent will be mixed rapidly downward toward the ground (aerodynamic downwash). If the plume is emitted free of these turbulent zones, a number of emission factors and meteorological factors influence the rise of the plume….”

A good example i noticed was reported as a UFO but was actually a smoke ring from the Sellafield Stack. It is likely they had a chimney fire and a sudden release creating this perfect circle of dense and highly radioactive smoke. high dosage enough to kill birds perhaps Picture here;

Just above the chimney is the strange shape Calum Sherwood saw in the sky in Salterbeck, Cumbria

The rain that fell in London was radioactive though not as bad as some other releases this year and last. London is about 240 miles and the fallout probably travelled 350 miles to get here (about 500 km)

And this post from the comments at Enenews

October 21, 2012 at 1:07 pm · Reply

We’ve had up to 0.25 microsievert/hr in the rain on Friday and up to 0.15 microsievert/h on Saturday

Air reading taken 1 meter of the ground

radon etc from waste processing

and on Saturday night we had a very intense sunset


Here is a video of the sunset taken by a north London blogger

No Sun ALL day..then this (beautiful) Chemical Sunset?

From jamnoise72

Also, the BBC reported that this week we might get red rain. They say it would be from the Sahara . last weekend the rain left dust on the vehicles though but not heavy,, likely Pb210 from radon that came from Sellafield to London  the low level winds came from the north but a circulating force took the emissions across north England to be caught by the south heading winds in the north sea. We had a red dust left after the rain a few times this year and always with measurable increases in the radiation levels and releases from NPP`s and nuclear waste processing sites.

The major point here though is that the study will not look at where the contamination comes down if it uses the above listed methodologies. This was a point made also by Prof. Chris Busby. It is very hard to trace even given new techniques and technologies.

The study will be flawed if the stack releases and downwind positions are not monitored with real people instead of statistics  The same trick has been used concerning the children of Fukushima where the World Health Organisation released a mathematical projection that the children would have no harm given the releases from Daichi but then a few weeks later the real test results came out and refuted the World Health reports claims. too late though as all the health professionals and media had already published the flawed WHO report.

Here is the Study Task for the research in full

Continue reading

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Desert Heart – ICHF in Iraq -Video plea for funding for Ukranian Heart children

….50% of children born with heart defects will need heart surgery at sometime in their life. Of the 50%, 35% need surgery in the first month or they die….


Please watch this ICHF video – the next medical mission to Kharkiv starts 6th April, please help us save kids lives in Ukraine. — at Kharkov Children’s Cardiac Hospital.

Baby Heart

Published on 22 Jan 2013

As US troops were ending their mission a Babyheart mission had just begun, to save children’s lives by operating on their hearts and training local medical staffs for self-sustainability.

The aim of the ICHF in Ukraine, is to promote the fantastic work of the volunteer Surgeons , Doctors and Nurses , that come from all over the World to assist and train , so save the lives of Children in Ukraine.

The next ICHF medical mission trip to Kharkiv , Ukraine is the 6th-20th April , please help us to raise funds to cover this trip and supply much needed medical supplies and equipment.
Help ”SAVE A LIFE” in Ukraine –

Следующая миссионерская поездка Международного Детского Кардиологического Фонда на Украину в Харьков состоится с 6ого по 20е апреля. Помогите нам, пожалуйста, собрать средства на эту поездку и закупить столь необходимые медицинские материалы и оборудование.
Помогите “СПАСТИ ЖИЗНЬ” в Украине –

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Canada- AECL raises nuclear waste liabilities estimate by two-thirds after SOI agreement with the USA!

AECL’s Chalk River Laboratories in Ontario – the oldest and largest site in the NLLP – accounts for some 70% of the liabilities included in the program. Its Whiteshell Laboratories and the nearby Underground Research Laboratory in Manitoba represent a further 20% of the liabilities. Three shutdown prototype reactors – the Nuclear Power Demonstration reactor, the Douglas Point reactor and the Gentilly-1 reactor – account for most of the remaining 10%.

Alice Williams of EM, left, and Joan Miller of the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, sign a Statement of Intent (SOI).

“EM highly values international cooperation, and the SOI is a major step forward in strengthening both the United States’ and Canada’s efforts to expand the technical depth of our cleanup programs,” Williams said.

Miller said, “AECL looks forward to the information exchange facilitated by this agreement with the Office of Environmental Management which enables both parties to realize benefits to the delivery of our respective missions.”  March 5, 2013 

AECL raises liabilities estimate

22 March 2013


Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) has advised the Canadian government that its estimated liabilities for nuclear decommissioning and waste management have increased by two-thirds to C$6 billion ($5.9 billion).

In mid-2012, AECL began a comprehensive review of its nuclear liabilities through the Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program (NLLP). The review is intended to reflect best practices in nuclear decommissioning and waste management of Canada’s nuclear legacy, mainly comprising AECL’s Chalk River Laboratories. The last such review was completed in 2005.

AECL has now advised the government that its estimate of the liability has increased by C$2.4 billion ($2.3 billion) from the previous estimate of C$3.6 billion ($3.5 billion). The company said that the adjustment will be reflected in the government’s financial results for 2012-13.

However, it noted that confirmation of the amount of the adjustment “will be subject to verification by AECL management, review and approval by its board and audit by its external auditors, the Office of the Auditor General and KPMG.”

Continue reading

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Breaking! Sellafield, the BBC and EURDEP lie to cover up contamination incident! Irish coast hit!

Thanks to for the heads up

Some thoughts on the likely scenario concerning the latest emergency at the Sellafield nuclear site.
I have been asked to make some comment on the possible problems that have occurred at Sellafield where the workers had to reportedly don gas masks and vacate the site.. with evidence of widespread contamination in the charts below.

Sellafield nuclear site

During some investigation last year of air quality issues during the worst pollution incidents in the UK for some years (Yep! During the Oilympics too! Shhh!)(reported on the Kings College pollution watch website) . The Air had an isotopic quality during these incidents which likely caused Lead poisoning in some wild birds.. The isotopic content came from nuclear waste, Medical and Nuclear Power plants from the UK and Europe..

Going by the evidence thus far:

I managed to access EURDEP radiation monitoring and got proof that the system (meant to be used by the emergency services in the case of an accident) has been switched off.. this was normal practice and the map developer in Italy was never informed of these switch offs and was surprised when I talked with him last year.. the other main server is in Germany and that is where it was likely switched off from, not the Italian server.. The German nuclear lobby is still strong.


This graph shows the UK monitoring switch off that is not present on the Irish graphs below!

Data points for above graph showing increases and last data point are given below..

The Chart above I accessed shows some movement from after midnight on the morning of the 22 March 2013 and he chart is finally switched off at 12 noon on the 22 March 2013
(It Is normal for most European countries to ignore radon peaks and some actually scrub them of the charts others like CRIIRAD show them but make a note to say it is “Normal radon” its not easy to tell the difference) In this case the plume cleared the UK but hit Ireland to some degree or other on the 21st March 2013.

Here are the Irish charts I managed to access showing varying degrees of light contamination hitting Ireland from early on the 21st that proves that Sellafield was outputting large quantities of radioactive  gases for some time..


Concerning the actual levels shown on these graphs, you will find them lower than what you would measure with a Geiger counter as the averaging software that is used hides a multitude of sins.. the same situation is found in Fukushima Japan.





The clouds of radon are hitting the few working monitors randomly but the timing of the hits is most relevant here I believe. What about the locals near the Sellafield site the Gamma dose levels must be high there? Children and Foetuses are at most risk in these short sharp radiation dose hits!

The Low level wind chart shows the wind blowing to the north west and its possible some has moved down the channel as the east coast of Ireland shows a higher reading on the coastal monitoring stations. but the whole of Ireland looks like it is getting a hit. Some radiation monitoring stations are turned off in Ireland.

The winds taking the main plume out to the Atlantic are likely to bring this contamination back to either Ireland or even the UK as there is a moving LOW pressure zone west of Ireland

I was initially unable  to access the gamma measurements after the initial find, as the German EURDEP crowd have blocked any further access to this data.. ( a sure sign of dodgy goings on and possibly more accurate proof than the mostly dysfunctional EURDEP mapping system), However a little trick I employed allowed me continued access even though the main EURDEP map was blocked, hence the graphs.

So the likely scenario is that the wind conditions have caused the gases that flow up the smoke stacks to come down to the ground instead of rising up and away towards the “civvies”. The gases have likely swamped the site and although they had to wear masks there “is no danger to” David Cameron and his friends!

However the same may not be said of the workers .. some of whom may need to take a dose break leaving Sellafield understaffed and this may pose a “significant” danger to David Cameron and his friends.

Down-drafts, from Stacks are rare but DO occur. As an aside this scenario where a down-draft causes local site contamination is the only time that the official IAEA ring a round the nuke plant actually sort of works. In most cases the plume lands a distance away from the plant, leaving the local area relatively clean. These down-drafts are likely the cause of local leukaemia in children and cancers in adults. Even Radon is nasty.

They may be packing plutonium in Glass (vitrification) and one hopes that they have not released any plutonium waste products.


2013-03-22 10:49 2013-03-22 11:49 9.50E+01 “” And then the monitor is off
2013-03-22 09:49 2013-03-22 10:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-22 08:49 2013-03-22 09:49 8.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-22 07:49 2013-03-22 08:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-22 06:49 2013-03-22 07:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-22 05:49 2013-03-22 06:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-22 04:49 2013-03-22 05:49 1.00E+02 “” NV
2013-03-22 03:49 2013-03-22 04:49 1.00E+02 “” NV
2013-03-22 02:49 2013-03-22 03:49 1.00E+02 “” NV
2013-03-22 01:49 2013-03-22 02:49 1.00E+02 “” NV
2013-03-22 00:49 2013-03-22 01:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 23:49 2013-03-22 00:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 22:49 2013-03-21 23:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 21:49 2013-03-21 22:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 20:49 2013-03-21 21:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 19:49 2013-03-21 20:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 18:49 2013-03-21 19:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 17:49 2013-03-21 18:49 9.00E+01 “” NV
2013-03-21 16:49 2013-03-21 17:49 9.00E+01 “” NV

Some nuclear PR from the BBC here… if you want to support the BBC click rate click on link! 🙂

The Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant has been shut down because of severe weather conditions.

22 March 2013 Last updated at 20:58


“There is no reason to believe that there will be any off-site nuclear, environmental or conventional safety issues associated with the incident. The priority for the team is to protect our workforce, the community and the environment.”

Sellafield Ltd said the move, which came as snow and high winds affected the county, was to allow staff to leave early and get home safely.

It said the shutdown was nothing to do with the work at the site and there were no safety issues.

Spokesman Karl Connor said: “This is purely a safety issue because of the high winds and snow we want our 8,500 workers to go early and get home safely.”

And this from October 2012


You will need to plat around with the date range.. In the top left corner is a drop down.. set it to 1 week and then 1 month.. and then youve become a net nerd!! 🙂



MALIN HEAD (Ireland)

FR2622 – LB0KRS932MA – 41 – SIT – GM (France

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