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Radioactvity increasing in water at Fukushima Unit No. 2 nuclear reactor

water-radiationReport: Radioactivity levels rising at Fukushima Unit No. 2 sub-drain since November
 January 22nd, 2013
Title: Contaminated water still a serious issue at Fukushima Daiichi
Source: Enformable
Date: Jan 22, 2013
[…] over 220,000 metric tons of contaminated water have been collected and stored on site, still another 75,000 tons remains in the reactor buildings. Every day at least another 40 tons of contaminated water are created […]

The utility has been so far unable to prevent the contaminated water injected into the damaged reactors from flowing out of the buildings into the environment and even escaping directly into the ocean. […]

The levels of radioactivity measured near the Unit 2 Sub-Drain have been on the rise since November […] it is critical to control the seeping of contamination through the local groundwater.
See Tepco’s report here

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