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The nuclear week that was

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There’s a lot going on.  Most critically – it looks as if the Iraq invasion (for oil), is now being repeated with the Mali invasion (for uranium).  Forbes declares nuclear reactors to be not  a good investment. However, at the same time,there’s a media rash of propaganda for thorium nuclear reactors.

State of the nuclear industry:  IAEA reports a drop in operating reactors worldwide – now down from 437 to 390, as it declares 47 Japanese reactors to be in   “Long-term Shutdown” (LTS).

USA: very discreetly, the USA government rejects nuclear reprocessing.  San Onofre nuclear power plant looks like setting the pattern for the shutdown of USA’s rustbucket nuclear reactors. USA govt considers melting down radioactive metals and putting them into consumer goods, such as kitchen cutlery.

UK. NIMBYism. In Cumbria, some local councils want continued nuclear operations at Sellafield, but at the  same time, they just don’t want any waste disposal in their area.

South Korea: another nuclear reactor shut down due to malfunction.

Fukushima: revelations continue – radioactive groundwater leaking back into reactors.

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