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US Atomic Tests in the Marshall Islands: connection to Japan and USA -Videos

For a better quality informative video please see the second video link at he bottom of the page. Holly Barker explains the connection between the Marshall Islands, Japan, USA and the Nuclear club. detailing Human Rights abuses. dated March 2012

US Atomic Tests in the Marshall Islands: UN Geneva


Published on Jan 2, 2013

The US carried out their main Atmospheric Megaton Hydrogen (thermonuclear) Bomb Tests in the Pacific Test grounds centred on the Marshall Islands between 1950 and 1958 after the discovery that their atomic tests in the Nevada desert and in New Mexico were causing fallout contamination as far away as New York.

The Hydrogen Bombs were tested in the Marshall Islands and the largest one, a 15Mt bomb destroyed Bikini atoll. Fallout in the Marshall Islands resulted in serious health effects which were systematically either ignored or covered up.

The question of the magnitude of these effects has come to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and a Special Rapporteur was charged with investigating the issue and producing a report for the September meeting of the UNHRC in Geneva.

The US Health Physics Society had previously produced a biased and dishonest report arguing that fallout was too low and doses too low to have caused any effects. This video is of the first half of the UNHRC meeting in Geneva on September 13th 2012 organised by the American Association of Anthropologists.

The meeting Chair is Prof Barbara Rose Johnston and presentations were made by Prof Holly Barker and Prof Chris Busby. Delegates from the Marshall Islands also attended and made contributions. Dr Busby’s presentation is uploaded in a separate video and his report to the UNHRC is at and his paper on the effects is at

The main recommendations of Dr Busby’s reports were adopted by the UN Special Rapporteur in his report to the General Assembly, most important being that a proper independent (of the US and the Health Physics Society) investigation of the contamination and the ill health are carried out.

TalkingStickTV – Holly Barker – U.S. Nuclear Testing on the Marshall Islands

Published on Mar 4, 2012

Talk by Holly Barker co-author of “The Consequential Damages of Nuclear War: The Rongelap Report” on “From Nuclear Weapons to Nuclear Energy: The U.S., The Marshall Islands, and Japan” given February 24, 2012 at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.


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