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19 billion dollars to go to USA nuclear programme, 80 billion dollars to military (Video: R Schoenman)


Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:16PM GMT

An analyst says the West is in an economic war with Iran as it is with Syria driven by an imperial agenda that will be continually expanded by the United States.

In the background of this, the US Senate has voted to violate freedom of speech and ban Iranian media by applyingcommunication sanctions on Iran. The United Nations has joined in the sanction war on Iran by imposing sanctions on Iranian companies that it is claimed smuggled arms to the Syrian government. Ironically there has been no sanctions applied by the UN against Western or Arab countries’ smuggling unlimited weapons to so-called rebels waging massacres in the country. The American military is to begin deployment of Patriot missile batteries with 400 US troops to the Turkish Syrian border to operate these batteries under a false pretext of possible attack on Turkey.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Ralph Schoenman, author and radio host, Berkeley about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Missiles for Israel; a ban on Iranian media – it goes in stark contradiction to what the US claims it stands for. Tell me what you think about it?

Schoenman: Well, the US doesn’t stand for anything except imperial policy and it doesn’t attempt to disguise that reality.

The sanctions you are describing are really acts of war and of course the expansion of the sanctions to affect media and communication are an expression and attempt by the United States to eliminate the discussion or ingermation that exposes the nature of its aggressive operations.

I would like to point out that these decisions or votes by the Senate are in conjunction with the United Nations Security Council, which has now imposed new sanctions on two Iranian companies and the claim is that Iran has been smuggling arms to Syria.

The irony of course of this is here you have the full scale global war being waged by NATO and the surrogates in the Middle East such as Qatar and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Turkey in arming the mercenary operations of the so-called rebels in Syria on an unlimited basis with meetings in Morocco representing nominally 130 countries waging war in Syria and sending openly arms and troops and intelligence operatives to Syria.

But when two Iranian companies send arms to the government of Syria in order to respond to this, that is the subject of sanctions and this services the expansion of sanctions by the Senate. It is war. It is imperial agenda and will be continually expanded because that is the intention of the United States.

Press TV: The White House has already threatened to block this Bill. What do you think is the main motivation behind it?

Schoenman: Behind the attempt on the part of the White House… Well, I think when you refer to with respect to the White House the threat or the veto is only in the formulations within the language of the Bill.

The White House is not less involved or behind the expansion of sanctions – the White House wants to have a greater degree of control about when and how to expand and implement specific sanctions with respect to communication. And that’s strictly a tactical issue, it has no content other than that.

The increasingly aggressive sanctions they’re attempting to not just destroy the economy of Iran, but the economy of Syria is also involved in this – are part of the preparation for war. Unfortunately this is the real agenda, which we see unfolding in Syria – preparations for like activity in Iran.

And that’s the content of the Senate activity and the expansion of these sanctions. The White House is only maneuvering within that framework to accomplish its aims, which are similar and identical.

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