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2013- the struggle for a nuclear free, liveable, world

It might be too late to prevent heating of the planet,  the upheavals of climate change, and the horrors of nuclear accidents, wars, and the slow spread of ionising radiation.

But it surely is too early to give up on trying.

I am not optimistic. We know that cigarettes and asbestos cause painful, fatal cancers. The Western world is learning to abandon these killers. Yet the tobacco and asbestos companies are thriving, selling these to the “developing” nations – a pernicious form of 21st Century colonialism.  So the slow killer of fossil fuel pollution continues.  The fast killers of nuclear accident, nuclear war become more likely, as well as the slower killer of spreading ionising radiation. The over-developed world is all too happy also to sell these killer technologies around the world.

2013 is the pivotal year.  In the words of Redgum, an old Australian band  – “If you don’t fight, you lose”


December 16, 2012 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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    Comment by Richard Wilcox | January 18, 2013 | Reply

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