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Activists send fake email to Shell workers

Posted on October 02, 2012

Source Bloomberg

Oct 3rd, 2012 by John Donovan. (Anti shell activist)

HOUSTON (AP) — Two activist groups said Tuesday they sent an email to more than 71,000 Shell Oil employees that pretended to be from a fake company division and provided information about a U.S. Supreme Court case involving the company.

The groups, People Against Legalizing Murder and the Yes Lab, said that on Monday they sent the email that purported to be from Shell’s “Grassroots Employee Empowerment Division,” which doesn’t exist.

Business interests argue they are being subjected to claims over the bad behavior of foreign regimes, which are shielded from lawsuits here under U.S. law.

Sean Dagohoy, with People Against Legalizing Murder, said the email was sent as a way to let Shell employees know about the lawsuit.

“As many people as possible need to know about what is happening in this case,” Dagohoy said in a phone interview from Vancouver.

Kayla Macke, a Shell spokeswoman in Houston, confirmedemployees got the email and were told it was fake.

The company is investigating how the email was sent.


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Christmas can be simpler and better

here’s some simple suggestions to make this holiday a tad more palatable for all of us.

Let’s give thanks and be inclusive

Give something you actually care about – yourself [your time]

Father-Christmas-consumerLet’s bar the humbug this Christmas, the Age, December 15, 2012 Wendy Squires ”…. – most Australians who tick the census box as being ”Christian” are not using December 25 to instill the teachings of Christ, morals, empathy or ethics. I am not alone in the struggle to see the joy and rationale my Christian friends assure me exist beyond the mindless cacophony of commercial crapola, feigned frivolity and glutinous gorging that unfailingly shocks me each December.

……And I don’t buy the ”it’s all about the little children” bull either. If the emotional foundations of future generations lie in
obscene piles of useless tat ultimately destined for landfills, delivered by a fat man driving a reindeer-led sleigh from the North Pole, well, the best I can say is that creationism won’t seem that far-fetched in comparison. (My late mother’s take on Santa – ”I worked long hours in a windowless office to buy you that doll. Some old dude that doesn’t even exist sure isn’t going to get the credit.” Respect!)

So, on behalf of those of us who endure this holiday not so much as a re-enforcement of faith but a loss of it, I say let’s rethink this palaver. I may not believe in God but I do believe there is a good message that could be retrieved from this modern-day mess. Continue reading

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Nuclear Japan’s love affair with the criminal Yakuza

CriminalHow the Yakuza and Japan’s Nuclear Industry Learned to Love Each Other JAKE  ADELSTEIN  MAY 24, 2012 After  arrest of a yakuza boss for his alleged role in supplying workers to TEPCO’s Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant, we are learning the details of how Japan’s nuclear industry relied on organized crime. Since July of last year, a few months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami resulted in a triple meltdown at the Fukushima plant, investigators have been probing possible  yakuza links to TEPCO and the nuclear industry under the guidance of the National Police Agency.

“Yakuza involvement in the nuclear industry is believed to go back to 2007 or earlier,” said a police source, “and the gangs involved were dispatching yakuza to nuclear sites all over Japan.” Continue reading

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World’s largest offshore wind farm fully operational by Spring 2013

wind-farm-oceanConstruction complete at world’s largest offshore wind farm REM, 14 December 2012 The 175th and final turbine has been installed at the London Array offshore wind farm marking the end of major construction activities, Dong Energy announced.

Turbine installation began in January 2012 and has been completed by MPI Discovery, A2SEA’s Sea Worker and Sea Jack. Now that all the turbines are in place and the majority now connected and supplying power to the national grid, the wind farm is on track to
be fully operational in Spring 2013.

DONG Energy, which holds a 50 percent stake in the project, said the wind farm has been generating energy since October 2012 when the first turbine began producing power. Continue reading

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Doctors speak out against money wasted on obsolete cold war nuclear weapons

Saturday’s letters: U.S. should reduce its nuclear stockpiles , December 15, 2012 As members of Physicians for Social Responsibility, we are increasingly concerned by the debate onthe “fiscal cliff.” We know that if our country fails to reach a compromise before the end of the year, we face a situation where a hatchet may be taken to life-saving programs that prevent diseases, help keep people off the streets, and provide health care to our elderly and poor. We need a patient hand and a sharp scalpel to make the type of responsible and meaningful cuts to our federal budget to preserve our common future.

Our country is spending more money on war and defense than it has since World War II. This is not sustainable and it reflects Congress’ desire to fund pet projects more than any reasonable assessment of our national security requirements.

Even as our security challenges havechanged, Congress continues to waste hundreds of billions of dollars on Cold War-era programs. That war is over. According to a study by
the Ploughshares Fund, the United States will spend $640 billion on maintaining our bloated nuclear arsenal over the next 10 years. Continue reading

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IAEA and Iran will clinch a deal next month

diplomacy-not-bombsIAEA confident of nuclear deal with Iran BY: SIMON STURDEE  AAP December 14, 2012   THE UN nuclear agency has expressed confidence that it will clinch a deal with Iran next month under which Tehran will at last answer “credible” evidence that it has conducted atomic weapons research. Continue reading

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Connecticut’s Solar City creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gases

SolarCity announces expansion day after successful IPOREM, Renewable Energy magazine, 14 December 2012 Just a day after its successful IPO on the Nasdaq exchange, Elon Musk-backed SolarCity has announced the expansion of its operations center in the US state of Connecticut and plans to hire 15 additional employees.


With Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy and CEO Lyndon Rive in attendance for the grand opening of SolarCity’s Hartford operations center, the company – which has grown its Connecticut workforce from zero to 45 in the last year – announced that it is now seeking hires for an additional 15 open positions in the state. Open positions include electricians, installers, sales staff, auditors, and project managers.

SolarCity officials said the expansion is due in large part due to the efforts of the state, through programs at Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to promote, develop and invest in clean energy and energy efficiency projects Continue reading

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Japan admits to errors in radiation data for every nuclear power plant in the country

Japan’s ‘nuclear radiation projection’ had errors, December 14, 2012,   Washington: The Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan said a thorough review of its mistake-plagued projections for the spread of radiation, in a case of possible meltdown like the Fukushima crisis, turned up errors in the data for every atomic power plant in the country. Continue reading

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Energy Secretary to Nuclear Executive – the revolving door

revolving-doorUranium Energy appoints former US energy secretary Mining Weekly By: Henry Lazenby 12th December 2012 TORONTO ) – New York-listed Uranium Energy (UEC) hasappointed former US energy secretary Spencer Abraham as chairperson of the company’s advisory board.

Abraham served as a US Senator from Michigan from 1995 to 2001 and served as secretary of energy from 2001 to 2005. Since 2005, Abraham has been the chairperson and CEO of The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting firm based in Washington, DC.

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Lithuanian nuclear plant: decommissioning stalled due to company disputes

EU freezes Lithuanian nuclear plant decommissioning funds, EurActive 14 Dec 12 The European Commission announced yesterday (13 December) that international donors, among which the largest is the EU, have decided to suspend the funding of one specific decommissioning project in the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania. The project covers the construction of the storage area for the leftover spent fuel and the supply of storage casks for defueling the central’s two reactors.

The decision was taken on the grounds that the operator of the power plant (INPP) and the consortium delivering the project (GNS/NUKEM) have not managed to settle their dispute, now on-going for more than two years, on how to implement the project concretely. Nukem is a “dual national” company based in Germany (NUKEM GmbH) and the United States (NUKEM, Inc.) focused on the civil nuclear fuel market. Continue reading

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City Council wants public hearings before San Onofre nuclear power plant permitted to re-open

LA wants public hearings on nuke plant LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14 (UPI) — Los Angles says it wants the San Onofre nuclear power plant kept out of commission unless its operator agrees to public hearings before it reopens.

The City Council will consider a resolution calling for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to keep the plant closed unless Southern California Edison agrees to a license amendment process that would include a public hearing process in which groups opposed to restarting
the plant could introduce evidence, the Los Angeles Times reported

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Democratic and Republican lawmakers seek better tax code for renewable energy

US lawmakers to push tax code change for renewable energy in 2013 Climate Spectator,  13 Dec 2012 Reuters WASHINGTON A group of U.S. lawmakers said on Wednesday that they plan to push ahead in the new year to change the tax code so renewable energy projects could qualify for beneficial tax structures commonly used by pipelines and other energy-related companies.

Democratic and Republican sponsors of proposed legislation said they think momentum is growing for their idea to allow wind, solar, biofuel and other renewable projects to structure as “master limited partnerships” (MLPs).

The structures allow companies to raise money in the stock market, while having income taxed only at the unit holder level, thus avoiding corporate income taxes.

“Small tweaks to the tax code could attract billions of dollars in private sector investment to renewable energy deployment,” the 29 lawmakers said in a letter to President Barack Obama, asking for the administration’s support……

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Climate Change Denialists twist and distort message of latest IPCC draft climate report

Professor Sherwood says research has effectively disproved the idea that sunspots are more responsible for global warming than human activity.

IPCC draft climate report leaked by sceptics A draft of the next report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been leaked on climate sceptic websites. Continue reading

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USA’s inadequate radiation detection in overseas megaports

NUCLEAR SMUGGLING MONITORS CUT BACK Program intended to detect potential threats aimed at U.S. WND, by F. MICHAEL MALOOF  WASHINGTON 14 Dec 12 The federal government is dramatically cutting back on funds to install nuclear and radiation detection equipment in overseas megaports to scan the contents of shipping containers destined for the United States, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. Continue reading

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Cesium in mushroom, wild boar – Japan

Author-Fukushima-diary25,550 Bq/Kg of cesium from Matsutake mushroom, 10,980 Bq/Kg from wild boar from Minamisoma by Mochizuki on December 13th, 2012 ·  

Minamisoma city measured cesium from 674 among 1,243 samples for self-consumption.

The test was conducted this October and the result was published on 11/6/2012.

The highest reading was 25,550 Bq/Kg from Matsutake mushroom, the second highest reading was 10,980 Bq/Kg from the meat of a wild boar. Wild boar eats mushroom.


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