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Roundup of the week’s nuclear news

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Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

USA is not looking good in the nuclear non proliferation stakes. First of all, it has justed exploded another nuclear bomb test. Secondly USA cancelled the Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone conference that was scheduled mid this month in Helsinki, Finland.

The USA military came out with an extraordinary attitude to drone killing of Afghan children – “it was thought that the children had hostile intent”

USA nuclear companies are spending a lot of money on all kinds of equipment that will prepare them for  a nuclear accident – the FLEX program – costs are not yet known.

UK has a secret plan to move its Trident nuclear submarines out of Scotland, in the event that Scotland chooses independence from UK – Scotland opposes the nuclear weapons presence on its land

India is still holding fast to it Nuclear Liability Law – despite USA pressure -( the law would make make USA  nuclear companies accountable for accidents involving their technology)

Renewable energy – Saudi Arabia (and Qatar) will become the” Saudi Arabia of solar energy “- with their massive initiatives in Concentrated Thermal Solar Power.

European Economic and Social Committee  at a nuclear safety conference on the Aarhus Convention in the field of nuclear safety found that the public is not being informed about the safety tests of Europe’s nuclear reactors.


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