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R.I.P. Patti Redd – Depleted uranium poisoning

October 23, 2012

When will Americans stop, listen, and rebel against this evil?   Will we have to take it to the streets?   Is that what it will take?  I used to be proud to be an American. Today I am ashamed.

Our doctors tell us that we will most likely die of some type of cancer as a result of the uranium and tungsten poisoning that is just eating away at our organs.

What does it take for this to stop?  Or, will it ever?   This isn’t an “oops.” It’s a crime.

Thank you for trying to make a difference. We only hope that your message will get through. Take this bull by the horns and do it. You have an audience and a lot of guts.
– Patti Redd to Christopher Bollyn, September 1, 2012

I have just learned that Patti Redd, the author of these words and subject of this story, has passed away.  Patti had written to me about how she and her husband’s health had suffered as a result of uranium and tungsten poisoning.  She wanted others to understand the dangers of exposure.  Patti and Richard Redd had worked for a company that disposed of contaminated military hardware by dumping it in the Pacific Ocean.  The following is my posting of our most recent correspondence.

Patti maintained a blog entitled “Die with Dignity” at:

About a year ago, an American woman who had worked as a civilian contractor for the U.S. military wrote to me about the severe health effects of being poisoned by uranium and tungsten contaminated hardware sent to U.S. territories in the Pacific Ocean for disposal in the ocean.  As a civilian contractor, Patti Redd is able to talk about how she and her husband have suffered, something U.S. military personnel are not able to do.  Patti’s emails to me describe the hellish suffering that thousands of Americans have gone through as a consequence of being poisoned by the military’s use of depleted uranium munitions.  Her comments have been copied below for the benefit of the public.  

September 28, 2011

DU – Civilian Contractors

FROM:  Patti Redd


After reading this:  – the light began to dawn in my heart and head.  My husband and I were in charge of rolling stock coming onto the Kwajalein Atoll 13 years ago that had been bought very cheap by the Army for either depo or re-furb from the Gulf War to use on the atolls in the Marshall Islands.  We were employees of R……n (company name removed on request for fear of retribution) – and as civilian contractors, we were thrilled to have a jobs in the Pacific — on off-days we scuba dived and enjoyed the various islands in the region.

Our jobs were – I was the custodian of all rolling stock in the region and my husband was the equipment inspector.

At work we were more exposed (my husband Richard, in particular) to this uranium and tungsten-poisoned pieces of junk left over from the Gulf War than any other employees.  The Army managed a quick and clever move with much of the equipment that was poisoning over there – – they simply put it on ships and shipped it to out of the way bases away from CONUS for either destruction, which means we just threw it in the ocean around the Marshall Islands or our mechanics worked on the equipment to make it usable for contractors and military personnel at these bases.

No notice of the dangers.  No protection in any way.  No nothing.  We were poisoned.

Today we are in the process of a slow death of gastro distress, having treatment only with palliative care with tincture of opium and pain killers.  The doctors are puzzled and after spending every dime we have on UCLA specialists, etc., we are back in Clark County, Nevada with our family doctor who prescribes the only thing she can:  pain killers.  We are dying and we know it.

The article referenced above struck such a serious chord in my heart.  It’s heart breaking what has happened and is still happening to those troops in the military who haven’t got a chance in hell of survival.  DU is the new scourge of the human race.  And, NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT.  It’s sick and the system is sick.  As Henry Kissinger was once quoted, “the military are just human fodder.”

If I thought you knew of something that could help us, I would ask, but I know better.  We haven’t much future left.  And, there is no one who will help.

Take care – please spread the word.  If you need help, let me know.  Thanks so much.

Patti Redd

*   *   *   *   *
September 29, 2011

Re: DU – Civilian Contractors

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for calling me yesterday.  It felt good to hear a voice behind what I have read on the Internet.  However, after reading what you and your family have been going through, it hardly seems right to ask YOU for help…

Over the past several years my husband and I have feared for our sanity because of simply not believing what the government, what I used to believe was MY government, is doing.  While I am afraid our physical struggle is coming to an end soon, I want to get the word out, I want to have an understanding of “WHY,” and I just wish for some kind of peace of mind.  The physical pain is sometimes transcended by the emotional and mental pain of losing all faith in what I was brought up to believe is right and wrong.

There are several stories you have written that have me choked with tears and sorrow.  I realize that “this isn’t Kansas anymore.”  The truth is stranger than fiction – we are personal living proof of that.

Take care, and please keep on with your work.


Patti Redd

*   *   *   *   *

August 31, 2012

We spoke on the telephone about 1 year ago.  At that time both my husband and I had been told by our doctor that our fecal matter testing had come back showing U-238 and Tungsten poisoning “literally off the charts.”  Depleted uranium is a dirty secret utilized by numerous countries, and we were unfortunately caught in the web when working for a military contractor on several US bases.

Since March 2009, my weight has dropped from a healthy 158 to 85 pounds and my husband has lost about 25 pounds and is still losing.  DU and Tungsten have literally totaled our gastro systems. Since talking to you about a year ago, we are now on Social Security Disability because of the disastrous effects of the poisoning.  We believe that SSD was awarded to us immediately – basically to encourage us to shut up. When filing for this assistance in the USA, very few claims are awarded immediately — we were; and without a physician’s definitive diagnosis.  Hmmmmm.

Believe me, there is nothing “depleted” about depleted uranium. It can take down completely healthy people 10 years after exposure. We believe that the mainstream media is deliberately staying away from the subject.  It all reminds me of “Agent Orange” and the government denials of that for so many years.

I wouldn’t wish this horrible poisoning on my worst enemy, but our government has done just that, and citizens and troops have been included in the poisoning.  What will it take for our governments to admit to what they are doing, stop doing it, and help those of us who are dying from U-238?

*   *   *   *   *

September 1, 2012

Good afternoon Christopher,

I don’t have very good photos, but will send you a few of what I have – the before and after (probably tomorrow).  The poisoning is internal – not external; at least at this point in time.

We’ve talked it over, and decided to agree to allow the use of our names.  Reason:  We have nothing to hide.  There’s no reason to hide behind a curtain.  We’re dying and have absolutely nothing to lose.

We went from successful business managers to cripples because of U-238 and Tungsten poisoning.  The poisoning was literally sitting in our bodies (probably in our blood marrow) waiting for something to set the poisons into action from exposure about 12 years prior when we were working as civilian employees on military bases out of country (USA).

What we had worked hard to achieve – a beautiful home, good jobs (part ownership), and a happy life has now disintegrated to living in an RV on a lot in the middle of the desert for $100.00 a month rent because that is all we can afford.  This has been a frightening and humbling experience.  We are literally just waiting to die.  Much of our story I have posted on my blog on WordPress entitled “Die with Dignity”.

Drugs we take include tincture of Opium, Nucynta, lomotil, lortab, butalb-Apap, Fentenal patches for pain, and many more prescriptions to keep us walking.  Quality of life?  Not anymore.  We are extremely lucky to have a medical insurance plan, because without it, we would be dead within days.

I see the babies both here and overseas being born with such horrific disabilities that it just breaks our hearts.  As a country, and as people, we should be ashamed and alarmed.  Instead, we sit back and allow the media lull us to sleep and “dumb us down.”  It’s frightening.

Our troops are returning from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq bringing back the poisons of DU AND Tungsten…in turn poisoning innocent wives and family members with the poisons that they have in their bodies.  This is a crime – – and illegal.

When will Americans stop, listen, and rebel against this evil?  Will we have to take it to the streets?  Is that what it will take?  I used to be proud to be an American.  Today I am ashamed.

Our doctors tell us that we will most likely die of some type of cancer as a result of the uranium and tungsten poisoning that is just eating away at our organs.

What does it take for this to stop?  Or, will it ever?  This isn’t an “oops.”  It’s a crime.

Thank you for trying to make a difference.  We only hope that your message will get through.  Take this bull by the horns and do it.  You have an audience and a lot of guts.

Dig deep!



*   *   *   *   *

September 2, 2012

Good morning,

Here are two pictures of me – one was taken when in 2007 and the other one was taken yesterday (2012).

Patti Redd in 2007

Patti Redd in 2012

My weight started out at 158 and today I weigh 85 pounds.  Both of us continue to rapidly lose weight although we take tincture of opium to slow down the “gut” so that we are able to absorb some nutrients.  Unfortunately the effectiveness of the drugs is not as good as it was three years ago.  Eventually none of the drugs will keep us from the explosive diarrhea and vomiting, and that’s starting to happen already.

Although we have gone to over 8 specialists (including UCLA-Santa Monica), the only answer they have found possible is “heavy metal poisoning.”  We have tried chelation, but that will not work with tungsten and U-238 because these poisons are simply too heavy for effective chelation.

It’s terribly difficult to accept dying like this.  What will it take to make it stop?  It’s on record that it’s illegal, yet the countries continue to unleash this unforgiveable poison for us to breath and ingest.

Thank you for anything you can do to try to get the word out to your readers about these military crimes.


Patti Redd

Richard and Patti Redd – Quartzsite, Arizona


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