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The past week in nuclear news

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Climate Change news is very worrying, with latest research showing that the Arctic permafrost is thawing, and that this is likely to cause runaway releases of Co2, and irreversible global warming.

Japan is again the focus, as campaigning heats up for their December 16th elections. Nuclear power is the major issue, and Prime Minister Noda reaffirmed his plan to phase out nuclear power. Smaller political parties are uniting to form a stronger no-nuclear campaign.

Egypt is quite a worry at the moment, President Mohamed Morsi decided to give himself dictatorial power. In a volatile Middle Eastern country, with a nuclear power program, this is not  a good look, not  a safe look.

Investigation of remains of Yassa Arafat should shed light on whether or not he was murdered by use of radioactive polonium.

South Korea. To add to their worries about their planned nuclear export industry, and domestic safety, nearly 1000 more nuclear quality certificates have been found to be fakes.

UK govt boasts that it will not subsdise new nuclear power.  But they craftily got around this, by promising electricity suppliers a definite price that consumers must pay for what they call “Low Carbon” energy.  That lovely phrase, “Low Carbon” is code for nuclear power, with a bit of renewable energy chucked in, too.

USA. 60,000 homes near nuclear reactors  in Illinois to be given Potassium Iodide pills, just in case of radiation exposure.  Federal government casting around to find communities willing to host nuclear waste dump

India. Confusion and uproar over reported plan to dump Kudakulam nuclear waste into Kolar old gold mines.

Computer hackers got into International Atomic Energy Agency’s server,  demanding an open investigation into Israel’s nuclear program.

Julian Assange’s book “Wikileaks”  is published, with its warning on Internet surveillance

Rupert Murdoch might get big control of media in USA, as the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering changes to media cross-ownership rules. He is likely start by taking over the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, if the rules are weakened.

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