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VIDEO: Paris vigil to denounce radiation coverup by World Health Organisationn   Vigil outside the Ministry of Health in Paris    Nov 18, 2012For five and a half years we have maintained a daily presence (the Hippocratic Vigil) outside the headquarters of the WHO in Geneva. The aim of the vigil is to denounce the lies and cover-up of this international organisation on the subject of the health consequences of radioactive pollution.

For the last 26 years WHO has done nothing to help the victims of Chernobyl, and is now abandoning the victims of Fukushima in the same way.
We now believe it is important to address ourselves to those who are partly responsible for deciding WHO policy. It is for this reason that, on 9th November 2012, we began a Vigil outside the Ministry of Health in Paris. The Ministers of Health are the representatives of the member countries of WHO, and they are involved in deciding the policies and actions that this institution pursues in the area of radioprotection. 
We expect the Minister to take all necessary steps in order to realise the 7 demands that our collective has submitted to WHO. We will maintain this silent and peaceful vigil every Friday from 9am to 5pm outside the Ministry of Health in Paris, until France takes the necessary steps to ensure that WHO fulfils its mission to protect the population from radioactive pollution, and that a programme of independent research is put in place on a national and / or European level, on the theme of “Health and nuclear power”.
We hope that all over the world, similar vigils will be set up outside the Ministries of Health of the Member States of WHO.
To participate in the vigil in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris, you should register by sending an email to:

It is also possible simply to visit and support those doing the vigil, which takes place in the Place Pierre Laroque (on the corner of Avenue Duquesne and Avenue Ségur).
Metro: line 8, Ecole Militaire station, or line 13, St François Xavier station.

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