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Oman: doubts that nuclear power is safe for Middle East

‘Nuclear power for peaceful purposes — Is it safe? Oman Daily Observer,  13 November 2012 Mohammed Al Rahbi-  “…… If the talk about the peaceful nuclear energy is progressing on the path of safety, securing this power is also seen with fear. Several disasters in the world are attributed to the use of this power and some European countries are now reconsidering their view on the nuclear plants. The disaster in Japan’s Fukushima was not the first and it won’t be the last……

will the peaceful nuclear energy programme be really safe in these countries of the region? Or will it become a pressure point again in the hands of the West?…

The consumer desire seems to be the reason behind the region’s ambition, and it is without focusing on the difficult and complex process of production. Peaceful nuclear energy may be an important and necessary power, but it needs more than signing import agreements to
enable it to move towards an integrated system.

Facing risk is more important than having access to energy. In Japan (the country that is highly developed in the region), the disaster crossed geographical boundaries despite accurate planning and intensive preparations. Where are we?

November 15, 2012 - Posted by | MIDDLE EAST, safety

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