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Japan pressured by USA right wing to keep nuclear power

Henry Kissinger-linked think tank pressuring Japanese to keep nuclear power (VIDEO) November 9th, 2012 By ENENews
Title: U.S. needs Japan to remain nuclear, expert says (Video)
Source:  Japan Times
Date: Nov. 3, 2012
A “zero-nuclear” Japan will be a serious concern for the United States as its key ally both from economic and security standpoints, the chief of an influential U.S. think tank said at a recent seminar on Japan-U.S. relations. […]

[John Hamre, president and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington]  noted there is “too much of a romantic idea about alternative energy in this country as a substitute for nuclear power.” […]

Hamre also said the policy poses a security concern from the viewpoint of international control for nonproliferation of nuclear materials.

A recent issue of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is not in agreement with many of the conclusions asserted by Hamre. See: “Probable Game-Changer”: Special issue of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists shows exiting nuclear power brings economic and
environmental benefits — ‘Startling’ findings

CSIS Board of Trustees (Selected Trustees):
Richard Armitage — President, Armitage International
Zbigniew K. Brzezinski — Counselor and Trustee, CSIS
William S. Cohen — Chairman & CEO, The Cohen Group
Henry A. Kissinger — Counselor and Trustee, CSIS
Brent Scowcroft — President, The Scowcroft Group

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