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Film reveals how Russia played down impact of Chernobyl

Occupy the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), 8 Nov 12
This was kept secret for 20 years. The documentary review says “It was kept secret by the Soviets and the West alike.” What they mean is it was kept secret by the nuclear industry all over the world so as to not let people know how dangerous nuclear power really is. As citizens we are all awake now. No more secrets. It is time to start telling the truth. Nuclear reactors were originally designed to create the material needed for nuclear bombs. The electricity that could be generated was an afterthought and ended up making the nuclear industry even more money. End the lies. Nuclear power is NOT safe. In fact it is EXTREMELY dangerous. Russian Roulette is what it is.    The Battle of Chernobyl An excellent documentary that reveals not only the danger of nuclear power, but the danger of the politics itself. 1st, the Russians play everything down. (contain panic) When they finally give total transparency, and pass on what they have learned from the disaster, France, and countries from the west dismiss the information, because they don’t like the implications for future nuclear projects. (money/profits)

When all is said, and done, the potential for nuclear power will never see the light of day, because proper containment for large scale land based production is not financially feasable, where profits rules the day. (back up systems have all failed, (Fukashima, 3 mile Island, and Chernobyl) unlike small reactors, (submarines, air craft carriers) where they can be scuttled to the bottom of the ocean, when something goes wrong.(out of sight, out of mind) Bottom line: Since no one is telling the truth, no one can be trusted.
With all this nonsense, I am supposed to be afraid of Iran getting nuclear weapons? (apparently, the least of our problems)

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