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Nicki Minaj goes from Hawaii beach to Dungeness nuclear power station – and Cornelia Hesse-Honegger

Nicki Minaj’s last video saw her bikini-clad bod sprawled across a tropical island.

Her latest sees her on a shingle beach. In Dungeness. In November.


The American star, 29, has spent the past four days prancing around the frozen headland on the coast of Kent, shooting her new no expense spared video.

The sunshine-heavy clip for her hit Starships was filmed on Hawaii’s Oahu island.

That was very much a one-take number – but her new video will have to be heavily air-brushed because of Dungeness’ unsightly nuclear power plant.


“As well as clever editing to remove the power station from certain beach shots, Dungeness has no luxury hotels, beach bars or casinos so the special effects team are having to pool all their resources.


“It wasn’t glamorous, or pretty.”


Whereas Nicki’s seven-day stint in Hawaii saw her snorkel and sunbathe when off duty, Dungeness has afforded her no such opportunity.

Waste hot water and sewage from the nuclear power stations are pumped into the sea through two pipes, meaning it is not the ideal swimming destination.


Happily – according to Wikipedia – there is a remarkable variety of wildlife living at Dungeness, and over 600 different types of plant.


 “So if the “plant” is contaminated, they take a lot of radioactivity into their bodies.”


Insects left disfigured by nuclear radiation

No one wants to live too close to a source of artificial radiation, not even insects. Cornelia Hesse-Honegger has spent 20 years travelling around the world, mostly in Europe, capturing and studying over 16,000 insects, many living in the vicinity of nuclear power stations, or other artificial sources of radiation. Her conclusion, not surprisingly, is that exposure to radiation increases the chances of deformity.

She made particularly detailed studies of the regions worst hit by the Chernobyl radioactive cloud: the south of Sweden and the Ticino canton in Switzerland. Drawing on her skills as a scientific illustrator, she made to-scale watercolour paintings of many of her specimens, illustrating deformities such as misshapen wings and stunted feelers

Watch a slideshow of Hesse-Honegger’s watercolours here..

and here are some pictures from Cornelia!!

“..On The Simpsons, the effects of nuclear contamination are conspicuous and comedic. In nature, though, they’re often subtle — and sometimes strangely beautiful. Scientific illustrator Cornelia Hesse-Honegger details these minute mutations in the so-called true bugs she collects near nuclear facilities and areas of chemical contamination. True bugs don’t travel far, and they “suck the liquid from the plants they live on,” she says. “So if the plant is contaminated, they take a lot of radioactivity into their bodies.”

Conventional wisdom holds that nuclear power stations don’t leak enough radiation to create malformed organisms. But in some locations, Hesse-Honegger discovered mutations — curtailed feelers, misshapen legs, asymmetrical wings — in as many as 30 percent of the bugs she gathered. That’s 10 times the overall rate of about 3 percent for insects found in the wild. “For me, the mutated bugs were like prototypes of a future nature,” she says. A selection of Hesse-Honegger’s work will be shown this fall in Berlin….”

And a link to a slideshow, let the page load and it will change the pictures.. Recommend!


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