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EDF’s Penly 1 nuclear reactor in unplanned outage- No cause or a restart date given?

Published: Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012 | 10:02 AM ET

PARIS, Nov 7 (Reuters) – EDF’s 1,300-MW Penly 1 nuclear reactor stopped in an unplanned outage at 1450 GMT on Wednesday, France’s power grid RTE said on its website.

RTE did not give a cause or a restart date.

(Reporting by Axelle du Crest)


Radioactive leak at France’s Penly plant after fires break out

Article published the Friday 06 April 2012

A nuclear reactor at France’s Penly plant on the English Channel near Dieppe was shut down automatically after two small fires broke out causing a joint to leak radioactive water into collection tanks inside the reactor building.

The French Nuclear Safety Authority, ASN, said it was not clear what caused the fires but firefighters had found small pools of burning oil and had quickly extinguished the flames.

The crisis situation put in place on Thursday evening has been lifted and the authority hopes to inspect the site on Friday.

EDF, which operates the plant, said the installation was secure, no one was injured and there were “no consequences for the environment.”

But Cecile Duflot, of the Frane’s Green party, EELV, described the incident as “very serious” and said overall there was a lack of transparency on the nuclear issue in France.

“We are always being told: it’s not serious, it’s not serious, it is never serious,” she said. “I think, in the light of the information we have been given, that it is a very serious incident, but it is not a catastrophe.”

France generates 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear power and the future of the industry has become an issue in campaigns for the presidential election to be held in April and May.

France, the world’s most nuclear-dependent country, operates 58 reactors and has been a leading international proponent of atomic energy.

But the country’s reliance on nuclear power has been called into question since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, which prompted Germany to announce plans to shut all of its reactors by the end of 2022.

And a gieger from London UK (downwind from Penly)

Published on Apr 9, 2012 by 

Video evidence here

Notes on contamination incident..

i think Penly is the culprit.. the winds are very strong from that bit of the french coastline near Dieppe!

compilation of the days carnage!

still no mention of the 0.80 mcSv/h release into the air..

they are only talking about the water leak from the pump…

this evening and indeed since last night i have been getting high readings but at 10.30 tonight in east london i got slow rises up to 0.22 mcSv/hr. the worst readings were central and east of london and also in the south of london… west london gave lower values this evening as the winds are shifting and london looks split down the middle with two weather fronts!

today it was raining lightly in london and i tried to check the rain for isotopes but it was the air was largely giving me the high readings inside or out.. however at a couple of points in the rain the gieger had some large peaks.. i think iodine 131 or cs 137 mixed in the rain may have caused this.. iodine 131 is more soluable i think! the mixing is happening in the lower wind atmosphere… we are getting small gusts of sharp wind speed..

the wind will be coming from the west of the uk during the course of the early morning and there should be a noticable drop in the activity and lowering of values, i hope. as long as hinkley and oldbury have stopped!??

news is a bit thin on this one but there has been a large release into the air as well! “not harmful to the environment”??.. when the air is already full of isotopes and metals from these other nuclear plants! no word on hungary budapest then?? ;/ hmmm!


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