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French research confirms childhood leukaemia rates up, near nuclear power plants

Fukushima’s Hot Water: Now Fallout in Our Kitchens? On The Issue,   by Kimberly Roberson, 21 Oct 12, “……Just this year, French researchers confirmed that childhood leukemia rates are greatly elevated among children living near nuclear power plants. The January 2012 International Journal of Cancer published the study,Childhood Leukemia Around French Nuclear Power Plants — the Geocap Study 2002-2007.

The inherent function of nuclear reactors requires routine invisible releases of cancer-causing radionuclides via the towers. Researchers also continue to see increases in cancer clusters — especially of thyroid cancer, breast cancer and leukemia — in areas near nuclear power plants.

In addition, how to handle the waste from nuclear power plants is still unsolved. The question is: how to safely store the millions of pounds of so-called “spent fuel” created by nuclear power production. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was recently forced to halt licenses for new nuclear plants until a solution can be found to store deadly radioactive waste that will remain hazardous for millennia at best.


October 22, 2012 - Posted by | France, health

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